The Campaign Manager is here

The Campaign Manager is here

Advocacy Marketing


The Advocacy Platform got an upgrade.

Note:  Access to features within Campaigns varies based on your subscription level. For access to all features, contact your Customer Success partner for more information.

The Campaign Manager is now available in the Advocacy Platform – making it even easier for you to manage your advocacy marketing campaigns. Read on to find out what’s new and how the Campaign Manager features impact you.


The ability to create campaigns on your own

In the Advocacy Platform, Campaigns lets you view, create, and publish campaigns targeting the experts most important to you.1 With this release, you now have more visibility into all of your campaigns and their performance. Other features include:

  • Step-by-step instructions to guide you through publishing campaigns directly from the Advocacy Platform to ExpertVoice for unique audiences.2
  • Copy and design templates to help you create campaigns and lessons in a shorter amount of time.
  • Analytics to show you how each campaign performed over time.
  • A seamless integration with Communities, allowing you to launch campaigns for a more focused expert community.

An organized library

In the Advocacy Platform, Libraries is a collection of campaign components created by or for your brand. These include expert lessons, audiences, incentives, and videos. Additional features include:

  • A seamless integration with Campaigns, allowing you to repurpose lessons and audiences in other campaigns.
  • Greater visibility into where you’re using each component in other campaigns.

A Support Center with resources and best practices

Quickly find answers and learn how to use the Advocacy Platform on-demand with the Support Center. It includes important announcements, a helpful checklist, support articles and more.


The continued flexibility to work with ExpertVoice Studios

In addition to creating campaigns on your own, you can supplement your program with rich content, motion graphics, or custom video from ExpertVoice Studios who is:

  • Full-service: When you partner with Studios, our team of content strategists, writers, interactive designers, and video producers build your learning experience from start to finish.
  • Experienced: Our award-winning team has built over 15,000 digital lessons for 930 manufacturers in industries ranging from outdoor recreation to nutritional supplements.
  • Specialized: Our experts are a demanding bunch. We constantly listen to audience feedback and analyze engagement behavior to transform your brand's objectives into finely tuned, expert-focused content.

Final Thoughts

The Campaign Manager features of the Advocacy Platform provide brands with improved tools to better manage their advocacy marketing campaigns on ExpertVoice.

"Managing an Advocacy Marketing program is an art form that requires flexible tools. The Advocacy Platform's campaign management features were built for you to explore and enjoy the design process of bringing campaigns to life in a few simple steps. You'll have access to campaign and lesson templates, an asset library, and reports that empower you to achieve your program goals. We're excited to see what campaigns you create, in addition to any custom campaigns that ExpertVoice Studios creates on your behalf, and how your expert relationships strengthen over time." 1

Zach Gildersleeve, the Senior Product Manager at ExpertVoice who led the development of the new Advocacy Platform features

Get familiar with these new features that provide greater agency and flexibility over your advocacy marketing program. If you have questions or feedback, please get in touch with your Account Executive.

¹The ability to create and publish campaigns will only be made available by reaching out to your Account Executive.

²Your Customer Success partner can publish your campaign to the main ExpertVoice feed and the “New” feed.