The experts have spoken

Experts love to learn, and they want more product details, more credible insights, more often

Our ExpertVoice Studios team is constantly refining the art of delivering educational content — on behalf of our partner brands — that’s inspiring and informative to an expert audience. One of the best tools we have for determining what content is most compelling to experts is, well, to ask them.

Who we surveyed

In early 2021, 482 experts responded to a survey that asked them what kinds of content are most helpful and what sources of information are most important. We refer to an expert as anyone who is trusted for advice on what to buy.

They might be a retail sales associate who helps consumers pick the right product before heading to the checkout line. Or they might be an everyday athlete, gear junkie, or hardcore hobbyist whose passion and knowledge prompts their friends and acquaintances to consult them first before they shop for new products. They’re a brand’s most powerful advocates, and the most successful brands connect these experts with exclusive product access and content.


experts surveyed across North America


were credentialed members of professional organizations


were experts who work in a retail location


What experts shared

In a world where most consumers skip through marketing messages without a second thought, our audience of experts tells us they’d like to see new, in-depth content from their favorite brands at least once a month (44%), and as often as once per week (15%). And they’re willing to spend an average of 16 minutes learning about one brand in a single session on ExpertVoice.

Here's a closer look at the data:


Source: 2021 What Experts Want Survey of 482 experts


In addition to these insightful stats, experts shared they find the following types of content most valuable from brands on ExpertVoice:

  1. Details about your individual products (give them all the tech specs, and they’ll ask for more)
  2. Insights they can’t find on your brand’s website (they expect to learn something new on ExpertVoice)
  3. Your brand’s origin story and points of difference (why should they recommend your brand over another)
  4. Interviews with ExpertVoice members who have first-hand experience with your product (they trust the opinions of their peers)
  5. Interviews with people who work for your brand (they want insights from insiders, including product designers and company founders)

“I enjoyed the short [recommendations] from product experts who use these products on a daily basis,” said Sheridan Peck, an employee at Beaver Mountain Ski Area in Utah.

Experts say both learning about and experiencing products helps them make better, more informed recommendations to others. User data supports this. On ExpertVoice, brands that offer lessons receive 2x more digital recommendations from experts than brands that offer shopping alone.

“I have been able to learn about new products and technology to be a better expert in the store,” said Brian Parker, a sporting goods retail employee in Ohio. “I have been able to describe how higher-end products can benefit the customer for a better experience.”

In fact, 70% of experts surveyed said they have used what they have learned on ExpertVoice to help someone else decide what to buy. You can see these results and more here:


Source: 2021 What Experts Want Survey of 482 experts


Experts also can speak more knowledgeably to the products they’ve experienced themselves. And they’re willing to share their insights in personal conversations, online reviews, and social media posts.

“I love being able to share my real experiences with products purchased from brands on ExpertVoice. It makes me appreciate and value the product so much more, and I love educating others,” said Erika Schulte, a Jenson USA bike shop employee, and ExpertVoice member.


Why expert feedback matters

Our annual survey feedback drives how we build content to fuel our experts — taking the infinite amount of information available from our brands and weaving that knowledge and their exclusive insights with the first-hand experience of experts. Experts are looking for exclusive, credible insights from the people who are the most familiar with your products. They value authenticity and true expertise.

Getting experts the products they need and the knowledge they crave — with frequency and credibility — helps ensure they can give consumers advice when it’s needed most.

You can learn more about the ExpertVoice Studios team and how we can help create educational content on behalf of your brand here.