Working with ExpertVoice

Working with

We’re excited to work with you.

The ExpertVoice Studios team wants to make your build as easy as possible, and we’re big fans of a helpful analogy. Think of it like creating a delicious pizza — the type of pizza experts will want to recommend to their friends.

Once you’ve decided to partner with ExpertVoice, here’s what you can expect during the build process (and some ways to set yourself up for success, too).

Gathering the ingredients for a successful campaign

Here are the most important ingredients to gather before your first meeting.

Education goals

Will you be publishing educational content with ExpertVoice? If so, be sure to identify what you'd like experts to learn prior to the kick-off call. Is there a product you want them to know inside and out, or do you want them to understand what sets your brand apart from all the rest? Consider the most important points you’d like them to share when speaking about your brand with consumers. Come prepared to answer questions from our design team. The questions will vary depending on the type of content we’re building.

Curious as to what the team might ask? These are the types of questions you can expect.

  • What are the 3-5 key takeaways you’d like experts to know about your brand?
  • What makes your brand/product different from everyone else?
  • What is a common misconception or concern we can help you overcome?
  • What kinds of insights are you interested in gathering from experts?
  • Who is your target consumer or the consumer you’re going after next?
  • Who is the best person at your brand (e.g. product designer, founder, ambassador) to help tell your story?


Begin gathering any assets that you believe will be helpful for our team — brand style guide, logo, lifestyle images, product images, sell sheets, videos — anything you have that helps us tell the story of your brand or products. Your assets are the secret sauce that ensures your brand’s unique flavor comes through.

Key players

Who within your organization will be involved in the decision making, asset delivery, review process and approvals for this build? We can’t make a pizza without the “big cheese.” Identify the right team members and we’ll ensure they are invited to the kickoff.

Gathering your team

Who will be involved in your build? Key players to look for may have responsibilities that include e-commerce, wholesale and key accounts, social media, content creation, retail education and brand management. Often these titles will look like E-Commerce Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Channel Marketing Manager, Retail Training Manager, etc.


Identify the experts you want to reach. Who are the retail associates or industry professionals who influence your consumers most? Come prepared to talk about your audience goals and the content you’d like them to see. Do you want each expert to have the same experience, or do you want to tailor the experience based on their specific credentials? Do you want to achieve broad awareness, or are you more focused on specific goals for a select few? Maybe you want to do both. We can make that happen.


Be prepared to speak to your incentive strategy. Here are some things to keep in mind while developing and maintaining your store experience — we call these PIFS.

Price: What incentive are you comfortable with offering — while staying competitive in the market?

Inventory: We’ll want to offer a selection in which we can maintain at least 75% of product being in stock and available for purchase.

Fulfillment and Shipping: Make sure you are set up to ship all offered products in a timely manner. We also recommend brands offer free shipping or a reduced shipping fee that doesn’t negate the value of the expert discount.

Selection: Consider which products you’d like to make available. Ideally, we’d offer your full product catalog.


During the kickoff, you’ll meet the team responsible for your build, as well as your long-term account management team. One of those team members is your project manager, who will be your point person throughout the build process to ensure a timely and quality launch.

We’ll make sure we are all aligned on your vision and goals for our partnership before we begin crafting your campaign.

The meeting will conclude with a clear outline of next steps both for you and for your ExpertVoice team.

The build

After the kickoff, the ExpertVoice Studios team takes all of these ingredients and gets to work crafting a recipe for success that will meet your needs and get experts excited about your brand.

Site review

Once the build is fully baked, you’ll have a chance to review everything and make sure it’s just right. Be sure to include your key players and consolidate everyone's feedback for our team. If your brand requires a legal review before content is published, let us know at the kick-off call so we can bake that into your project timeline. Based on your feedback, we’ll make any needed adjustments to your campaign.


Now, for the most exciting part. Let’s dish up your signature pizza for your expert audience. After we complete any edits you requested during your review period, we’ll complete a final QA and deliver a smokin’ hot site.

Your project manager will let you know as soon as your site is live.