NFS Case Study

Authentic Reviews, Impressive Results: NFS’s 76% E-commerce Conversion Increase with ExpertVoice.

How NFS collected authentic reviews for new products — and drove impressive e-commerce results — with ExpertVoice Product Sampling and the Recommendation Display. 


NFS: Where nature and science meet. 

NFS believes the human body is capable of incredible feats. The brand’s mission is to help people push those boundaries. NFS supplements use natural ingredients with formulations backed by science designed to fuel human performance. They use the purest ingredients to provide people with the cleanest products possible.  

Still, they were looking for solutions to boost awareness of their supplements. NFS turned to ExpertVoice to implement a custom E-commerce Advocacy strategy to collect authentic product reviews for the brand’s website from trusted industry insiders.


Fresh reviews for fresh products.

NFS was already running an affiliate program that educated and encouraged influencers to spread the word about its brand on social media, but they were also seeking a solution to collect a fresh continual stream of authentic product reviews on their e-commerce site. 

With a new product launch on the horizon, NFS needed a way to quickly generate awareness among experienced industry insiders and collect social proof. Because the supplements industry is a highly saturated market, it was critical to go to market with trusted reviews and user-generated content for the brand’s new Immune Defense product, an orange-flavored daily immune booster drink mix.


Sampling to hand-selected industry insiders.  

NFS created a Product Sampling Campaign on ExpertVoice and launched a custom application to find a core group of trusted samplers to try out their new Immune Defense product. 

After reviewing applicants, NFS hand-selected which lucky experts would receive a full-size sample of Immune Defense. Experts had four weeks to experience the product before sharing an authentic product review and photo on ExpertVoice. Samplers were encouraged to be specific about how they used the product, how it performed and what they liked. They also completed a short survey after the campaign ended to share additional insights about their sampling experience.

In addition to their sampling campaign, NFS implemented the Recommendation Display on their website to provide a continuous stream of fresh, authentic reviews with the goal of building purchase confidence and growing review volume on The incentivized product reviews from the brand’s sampling campaign and all other organic reviews from ExpertVoice were automatically syndicated to the brand’s website.


76% lift in e-commerce conversion rates. 

ROI delivered

Because of the custom E-commerce Advocacy strategy and the brand’s desire to test new ways to optimize its site performance, NFS saw exciting results: 

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*NFS saw a 76% average increase in total e-commerce conversion rates by implementing the ExpertVoice Recommendation Display on

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