Petsense Case Study

 Petsense Case Study


Empowering sales associates with bite-sized brand knowledge: A Petsense case study

Enhancing brand training and product knowledge among retail sales associates is crucial for Petsense, a leading provider of pet supplies and services in small markets throughout the country. Seeking a solution to deliver engaging and comprehensive brand education at scale, Petsense turned to ExpertVoice. Through their Retail Activation Campaign, they successfully implemented bite-sized and incentivized learning modules, resulting in a remarkable increase in engagement and sales-readiness.

Retail Activation Campaigns: In-store and digital campaigns that allow retailers to partner directly with the brands they carry and deliver in-depth training to retail sales associates at scale on ExpertVoice.

At a glance:


Limited access to brand education for Petsense sales associates.



Bite-sized, immersive training with ExpertVoice.



94% participation rate, deeper knowledge of pet nutrition on the sales floor and a feeling of connection to the brands they carry.

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Delivering engaging brand education to sales associates at scale.

During a trade show attended by Petsense Store Managers, the unanimous desire for more education became apparent. The store sales associates needed access to in-depth information on animal nutrition and the brands carried in-store. People that work in pet stores aren’t nutritionists or vets, yet they’re often the ones answering those tough questions on the ground.


We wanted to find a way to partner with brands that have vets on staff and a strong scientific knowledge to help educate our store employees. We focused on promoting unique nutritional facts about their products, equipping our employees with a concise arsenal of information to assist customers effectively.”

Jed Campfield
Petsense Senior Category Manager

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Leverage ExpertVoice to run incentivized, immersive brand education.

Petsense needed a solution that would make learning about animal nutrition and brands enjoyable and accessible for their teams nationwide. ExpertVoice provided the ideal platform with micro-sized brand learning modules that were easily accessible across devices. Employees could conveniently access their training on-the-go whenever convenient to them, fostering a sense of connection and excitement towards the brands they carried. Even prior to this program, some Petsense RSAs and District Managers had benefited from ExpertVoice's resources.

I have been using ExpertVoice for years. I encourage all Team Members new to the industry to take advantage of this offering. The education and learning opportunities on ExpertVoice have been instrumental in expanding my knowledge of Pet Health and Nutrition. I am thrilled to be able to confidently educate customers on how to best care for their pets thanks to these resources."

Rachael Miller
Petsense District Manager

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Bite-sized training for customer-facing teams.

Petsense utilized ExpertVoice for product knowledge training across their sales teams, store educators and internal staff. ExpertVoice’s Studios Team developed bite-sized modules covering a range of products, nutritional information and brand history. These interactive, aesthetically appealing and easy-to-understand modules could be completed in under five minutes. To further encourage engagement, employees were rewarded with gift cards.

Since we've launched ExpertVoice training, the brands we focused on have been doing extremely well. I think part of that probably is now the employees feel comfortable talking about these brands because they’ve had the training and know some cool stuff that they never knew before.”

Jed Campfield
Petsense Senior Category Manager

The results in a nutshell:

Retail sales
associates engaged


Engagement rate
among targeted users



ExpertVoice paves the way for enhanced brand connections.

Petsense's successful implementation of ExpertVoice training modules has set the stage for similar opportunities. Their team expressed aspiration to have more frequent training sessions, aiming for at least two per month. Petsense looks forward to further expanding their success, connecting RSAs with more of the brands they carry and seeing the investment in education pay off on the sales floor.

It could not have gone better. The ExpertVoice team was really great to work with. I mean, just the response time was so quick, and how they helped the stores out directly was amazing."

Jed Campfield
Petsense Senior Category Manager

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