Sunwarrior - Case Study

Learn how Sunwarrior used product advocacy to drive sales

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Sunwarrior, a leading naturals brand, partnered with ExpertVoice to build product advocacy with influential experts to drive full-price consumer sales.

Since 2015, they’ve been working with ExpertVoice to empower industry professionals — sales associates at Fresh Thyme, Sprouts, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and more — with compelling behind-the-scenes
content and exclusive product access to elevate their recommendations — and impact Sunwarrior’s bottom line.

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The goal

Improve and increase expert recommendations to drive consumer sales for Sunwarrior.

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The solution

Identify retail experts who influence Sunwarrior’s targeted consumers


Provide an inside look at the brand’s history, innovations and products through compelling educational content

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Give experts the opportunity to experience Sunwarrior products firsthand through seeding


Compare sales data of non-engaged retail locations with engaged retail locations to identify the impact of education and seeding through ExpertVoice

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The Results
sales increase in locations with engaged associates
experts engaged
products experienced by experts
Engagement Metrics: January 1, 2018 - December 1, 2018
Retail Sell Thru Metrics: 580 retail locations analyzed - including more than 4,800 retail associates
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Sales associates who engage with ExpertVoice sell more.

In fact, retail locations with at least one engaged associate sold 7% more than non-engaged locations.

Don’t leave product recommendations to chance.

See how ExpertVoice can help you sell more.