Get certified in Advocacy Marketing

Get Certified in Advocacy Marketing

Hundreds of brands shared tips, tricks, and tools to make the most of your ExpertVoice program.

Why you should get certified: After completing our new Advocacy Best Practices program, you'll be an advocacy marketing expert — and rewarded with a LinkedIn certification to prove it. You'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage your advocacy marketing program on ExpertVoice, from start to finish.

How to get certified: To get certified, complete our new Advocacy Best Practices program which includes six on-demand educational courses and a workbook. When you complete the "Certification Exercises" in your workbook, submit it to your Account Executive and they will review it and send your certification and instructions on how to add it to your LinkedIn profile page.

The Advocacy Best Practices include:

  1. Welcome to Advocacy Best Practices - Get familiar with the Best Practices training program before you get started on building your advocacy marketing plan.
  2. How to build your advocacy team - Learn about your responsibilities as Head of Expert Engagement and how to put together and manage an effective advocacy team.
  3. How to create your expert funnel - In these lessons, we'll show you how to find the most influential and trusted recommenders, then how to recruit them to be your brand's biggest advocates.
  4. How to increase expert strength - Now that you have a growing community of advocates, discover the ways you can inspire their powerful recommendations of your brand and products.
  5. How to increase expert reach - Throughout this course, you'll learn our best practices for encouraging expert-generated content (EGC) and how to leverage it in your own channels.
  6. Congratulations - Recap what you've learned and earn your Advocacy Marketing Certification. (Prerequisites includes Courses 1-5)

Where you can learn more: For access to best practices, you must be a current ExpertVoice brand partner. All you need are your ExpertVoice credentials to gain access. Check it out here.

For more information, please contact your Account Executive.


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