More ways to promote your brand on ExpertVoice

2022 Media Kit

What it is: Promotional Media is a form of communication brands can purchase to amplify their reach to their target experts on ExpertVoice and strengthen the power of expert recommendations. The 2022 Media Kit is now available for brands currently planning their ExpertVoice Advocacy Marketing program for next year and includes:

  • A promotional calendar featuring impactful multi-brand campaigns in 2022: Keep your brand top of mind with your most valuable target experts by participating in up to 14 Flash Events, 11 Learning Events, and monthly Newsletters. The 2022 calendar is packed with impactful promotional events for various industries – from Outdoors to Naturals.
  • An overview of brand-dedicated media: Take the center stage on our platform with custom digital Homepage Banners, Brand-Dedicated Emails, Push Notifications, and Premium Site Placements. We’ve assembled a talented team of in-house copywriters and designers who develop marketing materials for brands like yours every day.

Why it matters: The ExpertVoice network is comprised of nearly 1 million active experts who are passionate, engaged, connected, and experienced within their fields. Promoting your brand on ExpertVoice can help the right expert discover you. Our audience relies on ExpertVoice to make recommendations based on first-hand experiences with brands and products. Brands that participate in promotional media see a 2x lift on average in site traffic, expert engagements, and orders during their promotion.

Where you can learn more: Let ExpertVoice help create a custom marketing program to meet your needs. For more information, contact your Account Executive for details on available promotional placements and specification sheets with up-to-date requirements for each media type. You can also download the 2022 Media Kit here.


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