Automatically Syndicate Expert Reviews to Your Website

The Automation Setting

What it is: The Automation setting within the Review Manager (Reviews) allows you to automatically add expert reviews that meet specific criteria to your brand’s e-commerce pages. You can define rules for the reviews you would like to “auto-approve” based on the review quality, the expert's sentiment (likelihood to recommend score), specific attributes, and more.

Why you should enable Automation: Enabling Automation within the Review Manager is the quickest way to get trusted expert reviews on your website. Instead of manually curating expert reviews, the “set it and forget it” functionality saves your team time and effort. If your brand already has the ExpertVoice Recommendation Display installed on your website, reviews that meet these criteria are automatically approved and syndicated as they are published. Note: The default setting has Automation turned off.

Where you can find it:

  1. Visit the Review Manager (Reviews) in the Advocacy Platform.
  2. Select the Automation tab.
  3. Click Setup Automation to define your criteria.
  4. Click Save.

If you have questions, please get in touch with your Customer Success partner.


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Written By

Shannon May , Product Marketing Manager

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