New updates to the Review Manager in the Advocacy Platform

Automation improvements

What it is: It's now easier for you to set up and track how many expert reviews syndicate automatically to your website from the Advocacy Platform.

  • Quickly see what matters most: In the Review Manager (Reviews), a new custom dashboard shows if you have Automation turned on, how many reviews are auto-approved for syndication, and a summary of the rules you define. If needed, a new button allows you to turn your automated reviews off, which will instantly remove them from the ExpertVoice Recommendation Display on your website if you'd like.
  • Manage what reviews get syndicated: You can still adjust your review preferences in the Automation tab as your business grows and your needs change. Your syndication criteria and rules have not changed if you previously turned on Automation, but the page looks updated.
  • Preview what reviews get syndicated: When setting up Automation, see a live preview of the reviews that match your selected criteria. The preview provides confidence in the types of reviews you will automatically syndicate before turning on Automation.

Who it's for: Brand customers with E-commerce Advocacy. If you already have the ExpertVoice Recommendation Display installed on your website, new and existing expert reviews that meet your automation rules will automatically syndicate to their respective product display pages.

Where you can find it:

  • Log in to the Advocacy Platform using your ExpertVoice credentials.
  • Click Reviews in your left-hand navigation.
  • Click the Automation tab.


For more information, please get in touch with your Customer Success partner.


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