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This spring, we launched the Advocacy Platform to our brands. It’s a self-service platform for ExpertVoice clients to proactively manage their advocacy program. Brands can access the platform anytime to view or download reports, which they can customize to their needs. The Advocacy Platform also allows clients to monitor and manage what experts are saying about their brand and products via recommendations and photos uploaded by experts (expert generated content). More than 300 brands have engaged with the Advocacy Platform, providing us valuable feedback about the user experience. As a result, we’ve made several enhancements to help you get the most out of your experience.


Ready? Here we go:


Products App ImprovementsBenefit
Quality score is now available to sort recommendationsExpertVoice has developed an algorithm to quickly identify recommendations that provide deeper product insights, include pictures and accounts for brand expertise and product ownership. Brands can now sort recommendations by most recent, expert rating or quality score.


Analytics App ImprovementsBenefit
Dealer list data in AP reportsDetailed dealer list data is now available when you download your sales and engagement reports. This means that any data you submit with your dealer list (location account ids, brand reps, names, etc) can now be reconciled directly with any of your internal initiatives or activities.
Improved team engagement reportingEarlier versions of AP reporting surfaced an issue that displayed teams who appeared to be unrelated to your targeted audience. These were unique, internal teams created by ExpertVoice to conduct follow up surveys with a specific audience. These teams have now been removed from all sales and engagement reports, providing brands with a clear picture of their engaged audience.
Promotional campaign name available in downloaded reportsThis provides increased visibility into the impact of promotional campaigns. When you download reports there now exists a “promo” column that shows any active media campaigns that took place during the set date range.
Street level information available in downloaded reportsIf your dealer list includes multiple locations within the same postal code, these can now be separated by pivoting on street address in downloaded reports. NOTE: the street address for each retailer must already be included in your dealer list data.
Ability to save and compare performance over timeReports for Sales over Time and Education over Time can have different date granularity (week, month, day, quarter, year) instead of just the default “month.” Each detailed view can be saved as a separate report in the dashboard to get YoY or MoM types of trends.

If you need access to the Advocacy Platform or have further questions about how to get the most out of your experience, please contact your account representative.

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