Expert Story: Mackenzie

Expert Story: Mackenzie

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Mackenzie McCleery used to be a competitive gymnast, so she doesn’t like sitting still. Today she indulges her love for physical activity as a personal trainer, a wellness coach, and as a mom to a busy two-year-old. Most importantly, she strives to lead by example with living a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether running half-marathons or teaching group fitness classes, Mackenzie’s all about setting goals and smashing them. While it’s hard to fit it all in between work and family, she believes she’s fostering a healthy atmosphere for her son, who now often Downward Dog’s alongside her in her home workouts.


Because Mackenzie grew up enjoying physical fitness, she’s always been drawn to it; she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness, but the education didn’t stop there. She then became certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has been helping others achieve their own fitness goals since 2010. In addition, she’s Precision Nutrition certified, which allows her to provide well-rounded health education to her clients.

Whether through a personal session, a text, or her fitness Instagram account, Mackenzie offers actionable advice and recommendations for health and wellness — regardless of fitness comfort level. It’s during these one-on-one interactions that she’s  asked advice on everything from the best wearable for tracking heart rate to the best jogging stroller. And because she prides herself on providing educated recommendations, she is always researching the latest trends, reading medical journals, and working on her re-certifications.”I think that’s also part of what makes me an expert,” she says. “I’m always looking for the newest trend so when people ask me about it I can give a professional opinion.”


Her expert recommendations aren’t limited to her clients, either. Friends and family find everyday conversations with her inspiring and helpful. “Once people find out what I do for a living, everyone’s asking my opinion on everything,” Mackenzie says. She loves helping, though. Her favorite advice for anyone looking to begin a healthier lifestyle is to start small. “I tell them to forget everything they’ve read and everything they’ve heard and go back to the basics,” she says. “Start small, start today.”

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Jen Robinson , Content Strategist

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