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For more than a year, ExpertVoice has been generating product reviews from our qualified experts — and the results have been stunning. In terms of quality, precision and authenticity, our experts’ recommendations are a cut above the rest. But there’s a problem.  

How do regular people, aka your potential consumers, find these reviews? 

Today, our expert recommendations exist in just 3 places:

  1. Product Detail Pages — PDPs of ExpertVoice-hosted stores
  2. Experts Tab — A feature on ExpertVoice where expert UGC, recommendations and profiles exist in a constantly updating feed
  3. Advocacy Platform — where clients can access and review all recommendations written about their products

None of these places have been accessible to the average consumer — until now.

Introducing the Recommendation Display Widget – now in alpha testing

We’re proud to introduce a product that allows our brand partners to inject self-contained, customizable displays of digital recommendations — sourced from within ExpertVoice — into their own shopping experiences. With the launch of the Recommendation Display Widget, we begin an exciting chapter of getting expert recommendations, reviews and insights directly in front of consumers.

In conjunction with the Recommendation Display Widget, we’re also introducing a feature in the Advocacy Platform that allows brands to review recommendations, move them into an approval queue, tweak the display settings and generate an easy-to-integrate code to display the recommendations on their own e-commerce platform. It sounds more complicated than it is.

Outdoor Retailer, Klymit and Diamondback Bicycles are just a few of the brands that have installed the Display Widget and are running AB tests to measure if expert recommendations increase sales. So far, all signs are pointing to a resounding ‘yes’!

Interested? The beta phase will begin soon

We’re taking requests from brands that would like to participate in an extended beta test. These brands need to have both a hosted store on ExpertVoice (currently the only way for us to generate expert recommendations) AND a dedicated e-commerce store hosted on their site. If you’re interested in participating, contact your ExpertVoice Account Executive ASAP — the beta test is scheduled to begin mid-July 2019.

If you have questions, feel free to email your AE or our Chief Technology Officer, Greg Cox at

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this new era of truly amplifying our experts’ collective voices and putting them to work to increase sales for you, our valued brand partners.

Written By

Sage Turk , Sr. Director of Brand Strategy & Development

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