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Chance Murray got his first bike at just 3-years-old, and has been on two wheels ever since. Whether it’s a mountain bike, BMX bike, motorcycle, time trial bike, road bike, cyclocross bike or fixie, Chance is there for it. Seriously, I’ve been to his house. He has an entire room dedicated to the sport with multiple bikes hanging on the walls and gear covering the floor. And when he’s not participating in races or training on Utah roads and trails, he’s giving friends and family — myself included — tips on how to have a better ride. The time I asked him for advice before my first century, I ended up leaving his house with pockets full of Nuun tablets, shot blocks and Honey Stinger snacks. This is what Chance does. He’s not only an expert in cycling, he strives to ensure that those who come to him for advice and recommendations leave with everything they need and more.

A member of ExpertVoice since 2016, Chance shared a little more about his expertise.

Can you share your background with cycling?

Something about the motion of cycling has always felt therapeutic or poetic to me. About 10 years ago, I left competitive tennis and became much more involved in cycling. During that transition, I discovered a great similarity between tennis and cycling. One of the aspects of team tennis I loved the most was the dual nature of the sport, where winning as a team consists of winning personal matches. I found that road cycling has a similar team nature, but with the added irony of your “team” consisting of your direct competitors. Cycling is a sport where you can’t win a race by isolating yourself. You can only succeed by working with and for your competitors, trading responsibility to take the brunt of the wind in your face. Since transitioning wholeheartedly into cycling, I’ve done multiple long distance races, up to 200+ miles.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?

The canyons along the Wasatch Front have stolen my heart. There are very few places in the U.S. where such beautiful, challenging climbs are so easily accessible. The roads are great for the most part, as are Utah drivers. As for mountain trails, there are too many to choose from. I choose trails like I choose which camera to shoot — whichever is most convenient in the moment.

What do you pack with you when you’re out on an adventure? What are your gear must-haves?

My Smith Attack Max glasses never leave my face when I’m out on the bike. They have a terrific field of view, and fit my wide head really well. I also bring my hi-viz socks from Defeet so vehicles can spot me on the fly.

What’s your best piece of advice for an amateur cyclist?

Have fun. Be safe. Don’t bonk. Share the road. You’re not a pro cyclist because you watched the Tour de France (but you should watch it; you’ll learn a lot).

When you get home from a long day on the bike, what’s the first thing you reach for?

A bowl of ice cream. It’s part of my “cool down.”

What does being an expert mean to you?

Being an expert means sharing the knowledge you have so more people can enjoy the hobbies that are core to your life, family and community.

I still learn something new each time I get out on the bike. However, a lot of my friends ask me what they should buy, whether they should upgrade certain components, what type of apparel is best, or which nutrition habits should they follow. Cycling has been so rewarding for me, and many people have helped me along the way, so I’m always looking for ways to return the favor to other people.

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