July Site Trends and New Brands

July Site Trends and New Brands

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PowerBar returned to ExpertVoice last month along with 11 new brands who recognize the most effective way to increase full price consumer sales is by connecting with the people consumers trust for advice about what to buy.


Welcome to the ExpertVoice family:

















Last month we shared with you the launch of a new feed for our expert audience – it shares a live feed of recommendations and EGC** posted by members of the platform. Currently 800-900 experts are visiting the expert’s tab each day on the web platform and the app, which equates to about 15% of our daily traffic. Posts that are featured in this feed are driving experts to click through to the products featured and engaging experts to upvote or downvote each post. We have also noticed an increase in the audience self-policing recommendations, calling out when comments or likelihood to recommend scores aren’t related to the product itself and aren’t helpful in making a purchase decision.


July also saw the launch of beta for our digital recommendations widget. Twenty brands are participating, using a new Curate app inside the advocacy platform to select and manage the recommendations they’d like to feature on their e-commerce platform. Stay tuned as we learn about the impact of authentic, trusted expert recommendations in the online shopping experience for consumers.


Experts were also busy in July, taking 150,000 more EduGames than they did in June. Read on below to see more engagement stats. If you are interested in learning more, just reach out:


Experts took 790,449 EduGames last month.

27,603 new experts joined ExpertVoice in July.

Experts made 49,867 orders, purchasing 81,924 products last month on ExpertVoice hosted stores.

Experts purchased $5,880,830 worth of products last month via ExpertVoice hosted stores.

Experts made 6,074 digital recommendations* on ExpertVoice in June.

Experts uploaded 3,080 pieces of EGC** last month to ExpertVoice.


*What’s a recommendation? Check out any hosted store on the platform, experts can write a recommendation about the gear they own as well as leave a likelihood to recommend score.

**What’s EGC? This is Expert Generated Content – pictures experts have uploaded to the ExpertVoice platform, often tagging brands that they are using in the photo.


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Becky Lyttle , Director of Customer Marketing

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