Expert Stories: Army Sergeant Alicia Seeley

Expert Stories: Army Sergeant Alicia Seeley

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Alicia Seeley, a sergeant in the Utah National Guard, has been in the military since she graduated high school. As an Army Linguist, she speaks fluent mandarin and has spent a lot of time in Asia, including summer internships in Vietnam, military trainings in Korea and Taiwan and vacations in Hong Kong and China. Fortunately for me, Alicia is also my wife, so I jumped on the opportunity to show her off to the world. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My two passions in life are cities and sports. Outside of the military I am a city planner and I love traveling to different places, learning how different urban environments are built and how they play a role in shaping the lifestyles of the local people. In my spare time I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, camping and biking.


What led you to join the military and how long have you been in the Army?

I have been in the Army (active duty for the first five years and now in the National Guard) for over 8 years. As an 18-year-old fresh out of high school and with no real direction for my life, I serendipitously received an Army pamphlet in the mail — and I was sold. I knew the Army would not only challenge me and teach me some pretty cool skills, but would also help provide a way for me to get a civilian education as well.


What’s your favorite aspect of being in the military?

My favorite aspects have been (1) the opportunities to travel (Taiwan and Korea were two of my favorite places the military has sent me) and (2) being a part of a team. I’ve played team sports my whole life, so joining the Army ‘family’ was very natural to me. It’s a cool feeling when you know the people to your right and left have your back and when you’re all working hard to accomplish a common goal.


How has being in the military affected your life?

I’ve learned lessons in the military that I don’t think I would have gained anywhere else, such as the importance of self-discipline, selfless service and dependability. Those lessons have spilled into every facet of my life and shaped who I am.


What advice would you give someone who’s considering joining the military?

I would say make sure you take advantage of every training and opportunity you can get. There are so many things you can go and do, but you have to be proactive in applying and getting into the training programs you want.


As an expert on ExpertVoice, what’s one product you recommend?

The Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 sleeping bags are life-changing. I’ve been using Army-issued sleeping bags for years, but I finally decided it was time for an upgrade. I never want to use anything else again! They are incredibly comfortable, sturdy and surprisingly easy to travel with, as I like to pack pretty light.

What can I say? Alicia is really cool and we’re happy to have her as an expert. Check out her expert profile so you can follow along with her adventures. If you’re in the military too, you can also join ExpertVoice enjoy the perks of exclusive access and discounts to brands.

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