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Leverage Advocacy with ExpertVoice

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These days, capturing consumer attention requires more than just a compelling product — it demands influential voices advocating for your brand. That’s where ExpertVoice comes in, offering a strategic platform to amplify your brand by connecting with an audience of trusted experts.

ExpertVoice can help your brand deliver growth through three key areas:

1. Drive awareness among influential audiences

ExpertVoice connects brands with influential people across categories to ensure your product reaches individuals who hold authentic influence in their communities. Whether it’s a retail associate recommending hiking gear in-store or a ski instructor endorsing winter apparel on the mountain, 71% of experts feel it is important to have first-hand experience with products in order to recommend them.* 

2. Supercharge e-commerce throughout the product life cycle

E-commerce success requires fresh ideas to keep growing and maintain your brand’s reputation. ExpertVoice addresses these challenges with specialized programs like Flash Deals and the ExpertVoice Outlet. These solutions provide brands like Mammut, Brooks, Klymit, and SMITH with a gated platform to alleviate inventory strains while upholding brand perception and minimum advertised price (MAP) standards.

By leveraging ExpertVoice’s tailored solutions, brands drive online sales throughout the product life cycle. 

3. Collect and display thoughtful product reviews to drive sales

We know trustworthy product reviews have a significant impact on buying decisions. High-quality, verified first-hand accounts and UGC give shoppers the confidence they need to purchase a product. 

ExpertVoice lets brands leverage the power of authentic user feedback by collecting comprehensive reviews from industry experts and prominently displaying them on Product Detail Pages (PDPs). Take Outdoor Research, for instance, which saw a significant 14% increase in revenue per session after displaying ExpertVoice-sourced on their website — a testament to the influence of expert product endorsements.

About ExpertVoice

ExpertVoice is a platform designed to connect brands with influential experts across various industries — from outdoors to nutrition, golf and fitness. Over 900 leading brands harness the power of these experts to drive product sales, foster advocacy, generate authentic reviews and elevate brand visibility. 

*According to a 2022 ExpertVoice Survey, 71% of experts feel it is important to have first-hand experience with products in order to recommend them.

Find out how ExpertVoice helps build brands

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