New Report in Analytics: Search Term Frequency

What it is: A report showing a 12-month summary of what search terms experts use to discover your brand and products on ExpertVoice.

  • You can filter the data by the search term, device type (web, iOS app, Android app), and/or date.
  • The most popular search terms are represented by default in a bar graph.
  • The data is also visualized in a line graph showing historical weekly search trends.

Why it matters: Data in the report shows what search terms experts use to discover your brand and/or products on ExpertVoice. After reviewing the data, you can adjust the search terms you previously defined in the Search Phrases tool of the Configure feature to help more experts discover your brand.

Where you can find it: In the Advocacy Platform, click Analytics. Next, click “Add Reports to Dashboard”, scroll to the Search Term Frequency report, and drag the report to your dashboard.

New Report
Written By

Shannon May , Product Marketing Manager

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