What Do Experts Want?

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What experts want: more exclusive, more credible content, more often

In a world where most consumers skip through marketing messages without a second thought, our audience of experts tells us they’d like to see new, in-depth content from their favorite brands at least once a month (44%), and as often as once per week (19%). And they’re willing to spend an average of 16 minutes learning about one brand in a single session on ExpertVoice.

Source: 2020 What Experts Want Survey of 465 experts


We refer to an expert as anyone who is trusted for advice on what to buy. They might be a retail sales associate who helps consumers pick the right product before heading to the checkout line. Or they might be an everyday athlete, gear junkie or hardcore hobbyist whose passion and knowledge prompts their friends and acquaintances to consult them first before they shop for new products.

Our ExpertVoice Studios team is constantly refining the art of delivering educational content — on behalf of our partner brands — that’s inspiring and informative to people who we already consider to be experts. 

One of the best tools we have for determining what content is most compelling to  experts is, well, to ask them. Earlier this year, 465 experts responded to a survey that asked them what kinds of content are most helpful and what sources of information are most important. 

What experts find “extremely valuable” in a lesson:

  1. Details about individual products (give them all the tech specs, and they’ll ask for more)
  2. Insights they can’t find on a brand’s website (they expect to learn something new on ExpertVoice)
  3. The brand’s origin story and points of difference (why should they recommend one brand over another)
  4. Interviews with ExpertVoice members who have first-hand experience with the product (they trust the opinions of their peers)

This feedback drives how we build content to fuel our experts — taking the infinite amount of information available from our brands and weaving that knowledge and their exclusive insights with the first-hand experience of experts.

In fact, when we asked more specifically, “Who would you be most interested in learning from in a lesson on ExpertVoice,” the hands-down winner was “an everyday user of the product,” followed by a brand’s “product designer.”

“I enjoyed the recent lessons, such as Daniel Defense that included more of the info and reviews from other experts here on ExpertVoice,” noted Luke Parr, a law enforcement expert.

“Learning about how many of the products work, such as Kurgo is great,” wrote Anastacia Reyes, a Chewy.com employee. “Aside from having my personal experience and opinion, there’s more information to back it up. Many sites only provide the basics and give specifications, but it doesn’t give the full story like ExpertVoice does.”   

It’s critical to get experts the information they want most. They’re a more highly engaged audience than typical consumers — and more influential.

Experts are having 22 times more buying conversations per week than the average consumer. These experts are so trusted that 82% of consumers view their recommendation as something they would be highly likely to follow.

That reality comes through in the stories experts shared when we asked them how they’ve put their knowledge to work.

“It never seems to fail that soon after I take a lesson on ExpertVoice, a customer asks about a product in a category, and I am able to help them better understand what they are going to be using and recommend a company based on what I just learned — and feel confident that I am leading them in the right direction for their needs,” wrote Kathleen Hand, a Sprouts Farmers Market employee.

Jason Corbett, Black Diamond Pro Team Member
“I am a bat biologist working for an international conservation organization: Bat Conservation International. …I work with bats that roost underground in caves and mines. Such environments are challenging on gear to say the least and that’s not even the journey to get to them. People know what I do, and I constantly get asked about gear recommendations from clothing for the tropics, to static ropes, climbing harnesses, kayaks, skis, running shoes, and all types of food. … I share my knowledge with others because I want them to enjoy their gear as I do and not waste their time and money on inferior stuff.” 

And that’s what we are all looking for, right? Trusted advice from experts to help us make better decisions about what to buy. Providing experts the knowledge they crave, with frequency and credibility, helps ensure they can give that advice when it’s needed most.

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