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Gregory packs are hand-crafted to be the most reliable technical packs on the market. With the goal to create packs that feel like extensions of your body, Gregory knows that the quality of your experience often depends on the quality of your gear. That’s why their products are built to last — a lifetime, to be exact. 


Our expert community agrees that adventures with Gregory are better. In fact, here are what they have to say about the brand: 


  • “I love how they fit my shoulders and are durable/ semi-indestructible.” –Franki Goodman, Ohio
  • “A reliable brand that you really can’t go wrong with.” –Adrian Domen, California
  • “They’re great packs for that mid range price point.” –Scott Rossingnol, Illinois
  • “Rock solid.” –Craig Zarnosky, New Jersey
  • “Highly durable and comfortable.” –Colby Eaton, Missouri


So here are the Gregory packs the experts recommend for your next day, overnight, weekend and no-end-in-sight adventures.


Backpacking – Men

Baltoro 65


  • It is an exceptionally comfortable pack, with just the right amount of handy and practical features, while still maintaining a reasonably light weight. It’s also very sturdy and well-made.” –Arthur Brooks, Virginia


  • “It carried all of my gear, clothes, tent, tons of food, and miscellaneous others with room to spare. Seriously can’t recommend this bag enough. Great job, Gregory! Thanks for the great pack.” -Dylan Nielsen, Iowa


  • “This is the most comfortable pack I have ever used. I can easily fit a week’s worth of gear into the 65L capacity. The suspension system helps manage the weight in a way nothing else can. Highly recommend!” Ross Rosier, Utah


Backpacking – Women

Women’s DEVA 70 


  • “I had almost given up on the idea of finding a pack that would hold enough gear for multiple day trips without giving me a lot of pain. This pack fit everything without having to hang all kinds of stuff on the outside of it and was just as comfortable at the end of the trip as it was the first minute I put it on. Love, love, love this pack.” -Matipi O’hara, South Carolina


  • “This backpack is durable, and the amount of compartments is amazing! I love everything about this and looking forward to many adventures!” –Kristin Kieffer, Florida


Travel Duffel – Men/Women



  • “I love this bag…I can fit my entire 65 liter backpacking pack inside, along with all the gear it would need to carry + lots more. There is an extra pocket at the end of the bag that is perfect for carrying shoes and sandals so they don’t get everything else dirty. The giant zipper is easy to load, and the backpack straps are plenty comfortable enough for short carries. This is a bombproof bag.” Hunter Merrill, Washington
  • “Loaded it to the brim with the technical gear for Rainier. Zipped up easily, held up through checked bagged, has loops for a luggage lock. No scuffs or stretches from the stitching. Excellent bag with tons of room! It’s impossible to place a ‘best for’ category. I’ll definitely be taking it to ice climb this winter and have no doubt it’ll keep all the melt inside and clean out easily!”  Rick Howell, Colorado
  • “This bag is built to last. Extremely well made. Confident I’ll finish my career carrying my gear and bedding without needing another bag.” Tim Richards, California


Travel Backpack – Men/Women



  • “Excellent for air travel. These bags hold a ton of stuff and…are very helpful in organizing small things. So far they are holding up great after several more trips. I would definitely buy again.” -Jeremy Colvin, Texas


  • “This bag is great for traveling. Fits perfect in overhead storage on all the planes I was on. Fits a good amount of clothing to get you through most weekends. –Pat Tomaszewski, North Carolina


Travel Suitcase – Men/Women



  • “Great for a few-day trip, bag is made of great materials and easy to maneuver around airports and extremely easy to fit in overhead bins. Love this bag.” –Brent Forry, Indiana


  • “Have used it a few times already perfect size short trips and fits in some of the smaller planes overheads! It wheels great and can handle a good size back like the Border 25 on top looped over the handle!” -Jeremy Lindeman, Connecticut


Backcountry – Men/Women



  • “This is the one! Has everything I demand in a BC pack (which is a lot). Solid frame, back zip access, ice axe holder, hip pouch for a snack. Very happy!” -James Donahue, California


  • “Very comfortable pack. Familiar fit and feel to my 10+ year old Gregory Baltoro backpacking pack though the materials seem lighter and fancier on this one. I plan on running this pack mostly for ski touring, peak bagging and over nighters. The storage compartments are well thought out and make access to safety gear a snap and offers good peace of mind. I’ve used it just a couple time thus far but if it’s anything like my Baltoro it should be the last pack this size I’ll need for a very long time.” -John Schott, Utah


Discover the right pack for your adventures at gregorypacks.com. And if you’re a gear junkie, industry influencer or knowledgeable pro who wants to learn more about the brands you love, reward your expertise by joining ExpertVoice.

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