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At ExpertVoice, we’re all about expert recommendations. If you’re heading to a new city and looking for a place to eat, you’re going to ask someone who’s familiar with the area. If you’re just getting into snowboarding, you’ll ask for gear recommendations from someone who’s savvy on the slopes.

Trusted recommendations are important. Whether they come from an associate at your local bike shop or your neighbor who’s a hunting guide, everyone looks to people they trust for advice. 

We’re a community of more than one million experts across 30+ categories. We’ve got industry professionals and gear junkies from hiking to pets. And we’re looking for more. We want experts who are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced —  hungry to learn more about the latest innovations, technologies and products. If this sounds like you, it might be time for you to be part of the exclusive community. 

I could tell you to join ExpertVoice to get behind-the-scenes access to hundreds of brands and enjoy discounts up to 60% off the gear you love. I could share how our platform provides a place for credentialed experts to come together, to ask questions and share advice with people they know are knowledgeable and influential in their industries.  

But I won’t. 

Instead, I’ll let our members share their own experiences, give their own expert recommendations. If you’re interested in becoming part of the community after reading what they have to say (a common response) you can get started here. Don’t worry, joining is always free and easy. 

Please note: we sort our experts into two categories, retail and pro. While both types enjoy in-depth knowledge from their favorite brands as well as exclusive discounts, our retail experts share how ExpertVoice helps them sell more, while our pro experts talk about their love for product knowledge and being part of an expert community. And both types like getting gear at a lower price.


What the retail experts have to say:

  • “ExpertVoice has empowered me with the knowledge necessary to truly connect with pet parents and establish trust with them. Honestly, this site has been incredible. It helps me feel more confident in my recommendations to pet parents. The perks are a nice touch, too!” Delaney Romero, Petco Groomer from Alexandria, La.
  • “I love selling from a position of understanding a product well enough to tell the customer how it will benefit them and why I appreciate the brand. ExpertVoice helps me do that.” Chris Schlieter, Red Mountain Outfitters associate from St George, Utah
  • “ExpertVoice is a crucial tool in product knowledge and brand training! It ensures our folks are knowledgeable and up-to-date on information, and able to sell what we have in store.” Jon Kurth, Chase Outdoors associate from Rothschild, Wis.
  • “ExpertVoice is the ultimate destination for product knowledge. I can’t stay away!!” Nash Brown, Mast General Store associate from Valle Crucis, N.C.
  • “ExpertVoice is a great resource to learn about products. Plus, it’s a huge benefit to purchase items that retail associates would not be able to afford otherwise.” Becky Haskins, Dick’s Sporting Goods associate from Twin Falls, Idaho


Why pro experts recommend ExpertVoice:

  • “It’s a great resource to expand my product knowledge and pick the brains of other experts. I’ve learned a ton, and I’ve also been able to share some of my experiences, hopefully to the benefit of others — even if it’s what not to do.” Joe Mayer, Triathlete from Manchester, Conn.
  • “Love the opportunities it provides me to be able to afford gear I’d have to save years to be able to purchase! It has enhanced my hunting and outdoor experiences exponentially!” Taylor Tolbert, Hunting Expert from Twin Falls, Idaho
  • “One thing I find extremely valuable is getting to learn the history and company values of a given brand; so much more than you can learn from reading their packaging or website.” Aaron Harrison, Alpenrose Velodrome champion from Beaverton, Ore.
  • “Early access to information direct from the source. Firsthand info on products straight from the manufacturer.” Trenton Brenny, NRA Instructor from Portage, Wis.
  • “I can try allllll the things.” Tim Pekari, Military Orthopedics Physician Assistant based in Texas


To make sure we’re giving our experts the experience they deserve, we routinely run surveys to explore how our members feel about ExpertVoice and what we can do better. These surveys are anonymous, so while we have some great quotes, we can’t attribute them. Here are a few of the responses we received:

  • “ExpertVoice helps put gear-obsessed dudes like me in touch with great companies… which are also gear obsessed. It works out.”
  • “ExpertVoice gives me access to brands that I trust, but can’t afford. This way I can try a broader selection of their products which in turn makes me 1) a more loyal customer and 2) a better recommender.”
  • “I really like how ExpertVoice provides a way to familiarize yourself with product knowledge to help communicate those benefits/features with others.”
  • “I love this place, and recommend it when I can. I gave it a 10!”

If you’re an expert in your industry, you should be earning expert rewards. Check out what ExpertVoice can do for you.

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