Experts Have the Best Adventures|

When you’re creating an entirely new kind of company, you don’t just want the best and the brightest. You want the boldest and badass-est. We do anyway. Because we’re building a haven for experts and connecting them with brands they love.

Grab Your Bathing Suit. We’re Going to Mars.

It’s never been done. If we succeed, expert influence will make the world a little better. That’s why we’re doing it.

Experticity has been named as one of Utah Business’ Best Companies to Work For

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“When you have really great people, you attract great people.”

– Heather
SVP, Talent & Finance

Benefits for Days. Months. Years.

The Best Experts Get the Best Benefits. That's Just Science.

  • A chance to collaborate with helpful people on products you can be proud of
  • Offices just steps away from the shopping, concerts, and the best restaurants in downtown Salt Lake City
  • Special access to brands—including Experticity-only discounts
  • Paid parking or TRAX pass
  • Company-sponsored cycling gear, group bike rides, group discounts to ski resorts, a RAGNAR team and seasonal yoga in the courtyard
  • Excellent health and dental insurance, 401k matching, flexible-spending accounts and life and disability insurance
  • A casual, high-energy culture
  • There’s more, but we won’t give it all away just yet