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"What were the main drivers in returning to ExpertVoice? ... The level of support both internally through the pre-launch process, and externally with customers post-launch, are huge drivers in our return. ExpertVoice provides a platform infrastructure that allows our program to adapt as needed and support future growth."

Mark Tratt,
Associate Manager, Retail Training, TaylorMade

Check out examples of Custom Lessons


Product Segmentationer

TaylorMade wanted to help golf experts understand the difference two key product collections. ExpertVoice built a custom lesson that makes it easy to differentiate and know when to recommend each type of clubs.

Cleveland Golf

Product Knowledge

Cleveland Golf wanted to give experts all the details they need to recommend the right clubs to consumers. This custom lesson hits all the key takeaways.

Cobra Puma

Product Launch

Cobra Puma wanted to raise awareness and drive advocacy for a new line of clubs. This custom lesson shares the excitement of DARKSPEED while giving experts the information they need to make helpful recommendations to consumers.


Product Knowledge

Rapsodo wanted to help experts understand a new technology that can improve how people golf. ExpertVoice designed a custom lesson to explain the value proposition and performance features of Rapsodo mobile launch monitors.


Buying Guide

ExpertVoice wanted to help experts discover top-rated golf products available to purchase on the site. This article showcases top-rated products and helpful reviews from the expert audience.


Brand Advocacy

GolfForever wanted experts to understand its digital fitness and wellness system so they can make knowledgeable recommendations. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson to make it easy to understand this technology.

Check out examples of Templated Lessons

Blue Tees Golf

Product Knowledge

Blue Tees Golf wanted to inform and inspire experts to recommend a key product. ExpertVoice created a lesson that covers essential knowledge and prompts experts to share their own recommendations.

Bushnell Golf

Product Knowledge

Bushnell Golf wanted to help experts recommend its GPS watches. This templated lesson features the critical knowledge needed.

OnCore Golf

Brand Advocacy

OnCore partnered with ExpertVoice to help experts understand what differentiates the brand and to recommend its golf balls. Experts learn about the brand and can share their own recommendations with an in-content recommendation activity.

Stix Golf

Brand Advocacy

Stix Golf wanted to raise awareness and drive advocacy for its golf club sets. ExpertVoice created a templated lesson to help experts understand why and how to recommend Stix Golf.


Brand Advocacy

A leader in Europe, Big MAX Golf wanted to grow awareness and advocacy for its golf push carts in the U.S. market. ExpertVoice created this templated lesson and the featured video to give a new audience of golf experts everything they need to know in less than 3 minutes.

Amplify your ExpertVoice lessons with video content. Our video rates are competitive, often a fraction of the cost of competing agencies but with the same production quality. You also can use any videos we create outside of the ExpertVoice platform, across your marketing and e-commerce channels.

Check out examples of Video-only Lessons

Callaway Golf

Retail Education

Callaway wanted to share timely, educational videos with its expert audience. This video-only lesson is the simplest way to host a stand-alone, educational video on ExpertVoice.

Arccos Golf

Product Knowledge

Arccos wanted to help experts understand how its technology works. ExpertVoice published this Arccos Golf video to the brand's expert audience.

Palm Golf Co

Brand Advcoacy

Palm Golf wanted to raise awareness and drive advocacy for its brand. ExpertVoice published this Palm Golf Co. video in a video-only lesson.

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