Why you need to invest in sales associates at smaller retailers.

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Educated retail sales associates create happy customers — and drive sales. And while forward-thinking marketers understand the importance of providing sales associates with the tools they need to succeed, they struggle to find a way to scale training at mom-and-pop stores with fewer locations. 

The fact is: big-box retailers have the infrastructure to support and streamline product education, making employee training easy and efficient. But training sales associates at smaller retailers — like mom-and-pop shops — can seem both impossible and immeasurable. 

This is where ExpertVoice comes in. Our platform allows marketers to establish a training program — and measure the efficiency of that program — across various retail locations, both big and small. And it’s available wherever there is internet access. Not only can we reach the sales associates at smaller stores in various locations, we also track how often they engage with brand training content and how it affects their sales. 

What does this mean? Marketers shouldn’t neglect retail stores with fewer locations for three reasons:

  1. There’s no reason to. Through ExpertVoice, there is no longer a training-at-scale problem.
  2. When partnering with ExpertVoice, sales associates at these shops can sell 9.5% more.
  3. Sales associates at retailers with 5 or less locations engage 36% more* with ExpertVoice training, strengthening their recommendations and increasing the likelihood that consumers make a purchase.

Brands can scale their training at mass through ExpertVoice, giving team members at both big-box retailers and mom-and-pop shops the knowledge and experiences they need to make even better recommendations. And while they reach a larger audience through bigger retailers, brands see stronger engagement — and better customer conversion — through smaller shops. 

If you’re not already an ExpertVoice partner, discover what the world’s largest advocacy marketing platform can do for your bottom line here.

*Sales associates at retailers with 5 or less locations have 36% higher engagement on ExpertVoice than sales associates at retailers with 6 or more locations.

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