These 10 product review videos will help you buy better

These 10 product review videos will help you buy better

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Snackable, bite-sized video testimonials can give you, the shopper, a glimpse into a product in use and a realistic look at how it performs in the real world.

Did you know that 93% of shoppers actively seek reviews before buying a product, and 73% prefer to watch a video about a product or service rather than read a text-based article, website or post? Because of this shift towards video, more vetted and trusted ExpertVoice members are starting to share video reviews for products across industries.

In this blog post, ten industry insiders share video testimonials about products they’ve recently put to the test — everywhere from the climbing gym to the Grand Canyon. We’ve rounded up these reviews to see which trending products experts are talking about and why their videos are helpful.

10 products ExpertVoice members have been loving and recommending to others through video – in no particular order.

1. Ledlenser's H19R Signature Headlamp

Grandaddy of headlamps
Five Star Review

Steven Smith is an ExpertVoice member from Texas who shares advice and outdoor skills on his YouTube channel, MyLifeOutdoors (125K subscribers). In his product review video for Ledlenser’s H19R Signature Headlamp, Steven goes in-depth about the product’s features, performance levels and different use cases. He calls the headlamp “seriously bright and seriously dependable.” In his written testimonial, he drills down where it makes sense to use this product, “For car camping, this thing is a beast. If you are looking for a great headlamp where weight isn't an issue, you won't find anything better than the Ledlenser H19R.”

Why it's a helpful review: Steven’s personality shines like the headlamp itself in his one-minute product review video. He consolidates a lot of buyer-friendly information and demonstrates the headlamp in use at night, so you can see how it performs. He also shares who the product is the right fit for — car campers, in particular, will love this headlamp.

2. Mountain Series Stryker Isobutane Stove


Gets the job done
Five Star Review

Mike Clear is an ExpertVoice member from New Jersey who has been a Ski Instructor for the past 17 years and is an avid camper. He put Camp Chef’s Stryker Stove to the test and shared in a video how to make a “quick and easy omelet” using an egg, water, onions, peppers and a sealed BPA-free bag. In his written review, Mike elaborated, “I have used this stove 30+ times over the past few years. The only problem I ever had was to re-adjust the piezo mechanism (the lighter) once.”

Why it's a helpful review: In his video review, Mike inspires viewers with a recipe and demonstrates the product in use so you can see for yourself how simple it is to cook with.

3. DRAGONtail Tenkara’s Kaida zx320 Tenkara Pack Rod

Pack rod that you really want
Five Star Review

Leslye Leslie, ExpertVoice member, Occupational and Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) and Hunters’ Education Instructor, recently reviewed a Tenkara Pack Rod. She said, “It’s probably one of the most fun fishing poles I’ve ever tried. So easy to transport. I love the simplicity. I couldn’t mess it up.”

Leslye admits to not being an expert with traditional fly rods in her video. She assured viewers that this pack rod from DRAGONtail Tenkara is a “no tangles, no mess, just a ton of fun” backpacking necessity.

Why it's a helpful review: In her video review, Leslye talks about why this product was easier for her to use than other products on the market. She even mentions her success catching an arctic grayling fish on her first use.

4. RSP Nutrition’s AminoLean Vegan Pre-Workout - Acai

Great pre-workout
Four Star Review

Odell Simmons is an ExpertVoice member and Whole Foods Market employee based in Georgia. In his video review, Odell shares a product recommendation straight from the sales floor for RSP Nutrition. He says this product is “definitely approved. I found this to be not just a great pre-workout but a daily booster. Not too sweet, but tasty enough to enjoy while training or just making it through the workday!”

Why it's a helpful review: In his product review, Odell shares what retailer he works for to build trust with other consumers interested in the product. He confirms where the product is available for purchase, how he uses it and its biggest benefits.

5. Altra’s TORIN 5 LUXE - Men’s Shoes

Excellent daily shoe!
Five Star Review

Joel Huerta is an ExpertVoice member and retail employee of a Sportsman's Warehouse in Alaska. In a product review, he shared, “I bought this shoe for daily use at work, where I would be doing standing, walking and moderate lifting for an average of eight hours a day. The material of the shoes is very flexible, soft and stretchy. I appreciate the padding around the ankles; it is very comfortable and soft. The material used for the outside of the shoe is cloth-like, which is nice for movement. They are very breathable but also warm and snug.”

Why it's a helpful review: Joel filmed the product from multiple angles and demonstrated the flexible padded material described in his product review. This video was recorded from his cell phone and brought his more detailed written product review to life.

6. Black Diamond’s Momentum Harness-Kids’ Full Body

Parent approved
Five Star Review

Dave Moppert, the Video Product Manager at ExpertVoice based in Utah, was thankful Black Diamond made a smaller yet high-quality climbing harness so he could introduce his kids to the sport. He shared, “Kids are fearless, so having a quality harness you don’t need to worry about puts my mind at ease. The price point is good as well, so I won’t have hard feelings when he grows out of it. This harness is adjustable, so I should be able to get a few years of use out of it before he is ready for something new.

Why it's a helpful review: In his product review, Dave included a personal video of the product in action at the climbing gym to reinforce the harness’s quality and safety for viewers.

7. First Lite's Phelps Game Calls Bugle Tube

Metal bugle tube
Five Star Review

Nate Hayes is a Sergeant at a Sheriff's Office in Wyoming, a certified firearms instructor, guide and mentor for new hunters. In his product review for First Lite’s METAL Elk Bugle Tube, he shared, “it’s super easy (for hunters) to make a variety of bull sounds. It's not super heavy but definitely has more heft than my plastic tubes. I was hit in the throat playing rugby, so using mouth calls is hard for me to do. Having spent 5 years as a professional guide and a pretty solid hunter on my own time,  I think this tube will be calling in bulls for years to come.”

Why it's a helpful review: In his review, Nate demonstrates the product in use so you can hear how simple it is to make a realistic elk bugle sound. Nate also describes his background of expertise in his written review to build audience trust.

8. MAMMUT’s 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

Alpine workhorse
Five Star Review

Casey Silver, a member of ExpertVoice and The American Alpine Club, recently reviewed MAMMUT’s 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope, an extremely light double rope for ice climbing, mixed climbing, mountaineering, multi-pitch, and alpine climbing. Casey shares his review, “This is my go-to rope for anything in the alpine. From 5th-class rock to glacier travel, I have used this rope extensively in a variety of terrain. The bright orange is a great contrasting color. Despite its small diameter is very durable and has survived many crampons and sharp rock edges over the past year.”

Why it's a helpful review: In his review, Casey demonstrates using the product on steep terrain and supporting multiple climbers. The video shows the product’s color contrasting nicely against the white snow to match his written testimonial.

9. Rambo Bike’s The Roamer

Game changer
Five Star Review

Lucas Spencer is a member of ExpertVoice, a Veteran of the Marine Corps and an avid outdoorsman. In his product review for Rambo Bikes, Lucas shares that this is “what you would expect from a (company) name like Rambo. Awesome build quality and a very rugged e-bike.”  He shares that lately, “he’s been running into more people outdoors and that more of the popular spots are clustered with new hunters.” This e-bike helps him “get away from people” and “deeper into the woods,” where there may be less stressed animals and hunters.

Why it's a helpful review: In his 9-minute video review, Lucas shares why an electric bike is an excellent investment for those debating the price point. His video showcases drone footage of the bike in action, highlighting different angles and product features. The cinematic video features his clear voiceover, ensuring all focus remains on the product.

10. Cusa Tea & Coffee’s Medium Roast Coffee

Deliciously convenient
Five Star Review

Andrew Buerger is an ExpertVoice member and Outdoor Guide based in Maryland. In his product review for Cusa Tea & Coffee’s Medium Roast Coffee, Andrew shares, “(I) brought it with me on my recent Rim to Rim to Rim expedition. It's very lightweight, mixes so easily, and tastes delicious.”

Often up early for morning adventures, boiling water for coffee can take too long.  Andrew loves that Cusa’s packets work as a cold brew instead, “I'm up early and don't like taking the time to fire up the stove. With Cusa, you can also add it to cold water to make an instant great-tasting cold brew. I just put two packs in my Nalgene with 12oz of water, and it was ready in seconds.”

Why it's a helpful review: In his video review, Andrew shares why the instant coffee packets are helpful for people on the go and includes a new recipe idea. He builds audience trust by sharing his story of using instant coffee to save time and boost his energy on the Grand Canyon’s Rim-to-Rim Trail. His experience with the product is relatable for other coffee lovers who embark on early morning journeys.


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