Last-minute holiday shopping? Give a gift that won’t be returned

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Did you know that around $90 billion in holiday merchandise will be returned this year?   

So how do you ensure that the gifts you give won’t be taken to the customer service counter in January? By purchasing presents your friends and family love so much, they wouldn’t even consider returning them. In fact, they might not even let you borrow them (which we’re fine with, considering the last item on the list).

To save you — and your gift recipient — the embarrassment of not loving what you thoughtfully picked out, we’ve compiled the highest rated products on ExpertVoice. And in case you don’t know how these recommendations differ from highly rated items on other sites (re: Amazon), the product purchasers on our site are vetted experts who are industry professionals. In other words, these recommendations are legit. It’s like discovering which running shoes the most accomplished runners in the world like to hit the pavement in. Hint: They might be Brooks.

Without further ado, here are the highest rated products on ExpertVoice:

1. Bayer Animal Health – Seresto Tick & Flea Collar












If you live somewhere where your furry friend is susceptible to ticks or fleas, the experts say your best bet is to buy Seresto from Bayer Animal Health. Seresto is a flea and tick prevention collar that cats and dogs can wear continuously for several months. Out of more than 90K products, it’s the #1 recommended item on ExpertVoice. Here’s what the pet experts have to say about it:

Petco team member and dog mom Delaney Romero says, “Easy to use, less hassle, and more cost effective! I live in rural Louisiana, and the fleas and mosquitoes out here are ridiculous! Seresto saved the day and we swear by it! Just as effective as the topical and so much easier!”

Megan O’Dell, an employee at Pet Supplies Plus says, “I’ve used the collars on my cats and dogs, and have had no flea issues since I began using them about 3 years ago. I always recommend this product to those who are looking for a flea product that actually works.”

Dog trainer and handler Nicole Vandendriessche has a degree in Animal Science — and she swears by the product. “Seresto collars are the easiest way to protect your pets from fleas and ticks. It’s non greasy, easy to measure, and lasts for 8 months…I recommend this collar to anyone in my training classes because it works the best at keeps fleas and ticks away.”


2. Brooks Running – Ghost 11


Brooks Running - Ghost 11










Brooks gets an honorable mention because their Levitate 2 and Glycerin 16 also made it into our top 10 highest rated products. Turns out expert runners love their Brooks. Maintaining a perfect rating after dozens of recommendations, here’s what the experts have to say about the Ghost 11:

Fitness & Training expert Michael Carbaugh states, “The Ghost 11s provide a perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who is a neutral runner who doesn’t need any kind of stability or motion control and still wants to feel the ground underneath them when they run.”

U.S. Marine veteran and manager of Hibbett Sporting Goods in Clarksville, Arkansas   Charles Schubarth has 20 years of retail sales experience — and nothing but great things to say about the kicks. “Ultra comfortable running shoe. A very plush ride that still gives you a little spring to your toe-off.”

Running expert Katie Swenson says, “As an avid runner, one of my favorite things about this shoe… is that they are immediately comfortable, I never feel like I need to break them in, which is great! I highly recommend Brooks for all their products, as long as you are wearing the shoe that fits properly and is the shoe that is designed to meet the needs for your body and run specifically, then I think you will have nothing but good results.”

3. Arc’teryx – Atom LT Men’s Hoody

Arc’teryx - Atom LT Men's Hoody















Whether you’re layering up for your next adventure or headed out on the town, the Arc’teryx Atom LT Men’s Hoody is wind and moisture resistant, insulated, breathable and most importantly, it has the experts’ vote.

George Pyecroft, an employee at Chateau Mountain Sports says, “It’s the most versatile mid-layer I own. It breathes extremely well but also holds enough warmth to wear as an outer layer in mild conditions. It is extremely comfortable…and super stylish. LOVE this jacket.”

Conor Bell, who is in the top 5% of our hiking and camping experts states, “This is my go-to layer. It’s a great stand alone piece when its chilly, and an awesome mid-layer when its cold. The synthetic is great for all around use. I’ve used it climbing, canyoneering, rafting, and skiing. This hoody does it all, and it still looks good around town. Buy this jacket and you will thank yourself later.”

Andrew Stublen rates it a 10/10. “Extremely versatile jacket. It feels like wearing a cloud…the fit is typical Arc’teryx perfection.”


4. Superfeet –  GREEN Insoles

Superfeet -  GREEN Insoles










Turns out the most famous Superfeet insoles are the most famous ones for a reason. Maintaining a 10/10 rating, these supportive insoles have our experts’ support.  

GREEN owner Jeff Downen says, “I have used these insoles my entire time while in the Marine Corps and during 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan…Outstanding arch support. Makes a huge difference in any type of boot…I use them in all my hiking and work boots (Salomon and Red Wing). I highly recommend.”

Career Firefighter and National Guard Paramedic Jonathan Gonzales says, “I have wasted thousands of dollars trying to find the best insole/inserts. For me, an irritated foot escalated to an irritated lumber which escalated to an irritated upper/lower back. At that point, quality of life suffers greatly…these insoles are giving me that good quality of life back.”

Expert James Wright had pain for years before trying GREEN insoles. “For the first time, I didn’t have pain. I now have them in practically every shoe and boot that I own.”

Joseph Midgette works in law enforcement and suffered with pain from plantar fasciitis for more than 10 years. “I’ve been using Superfeet GREEN for about 6 months now and have zero pain or discomfort…it’s safe to say that Superfeet has been life changing for me.”


5. Cellucor – C4 Ultimate

Cellucor - C4 Ultimate














According to the experts, C4 Ultimate provides next-level energy, enhanced cognitive performance and support endurance to achieve the ultimate pump. So when it’s time to work out what to buy for your workout, remember what the experts have to say about C4 Ultimate.

Vitamin Shoppe employee Chris Hollander says, “This stuff is legit. Great energy, endurance and pump combined with nearly euphoric mental focus. One of the best pre-workouts on the market!”

Expert Tyler Hayson shares, “If you’re looking for a pre-workout that will hit you like a brick! Look no further! This will get you to your workout, through your workout and then back home with no fatigue whatsoever!”

Marathon runner and Crossfit enthusiast Jessie Williams rates it a 10/10 saying, “Good pump, good energy. Haven’t found anything better.”


6. Icebreaker – Men’s Anatomica Boxers w Fly

Icebreaker - Men’s Anatomica Boxers w Fly









According to the experts, when it comes to men’s undies, Icebreaker makes a top-notch product. And we’re not trying to be cheeky, but underpants can get stinky. However, our expert recommenders say the Anatomica Boxers keep it all under wraps; even after being put through a hard day’s work, they don’t smell ripe — and that’s something everyone can appreciate.

Former Special Operations Combat Medic Kristopher Blume states, “They are extremely soft, they dry quickly, and they don’t hold a smell…These are the perfect underwear to bring on a long trek, a road trip, or any other time when space and washing facilities are minimal.”

Rocky Mountain Outfitter’s Eli Cornell declares, “The best boxers on the market, soft, slightly stretchy, and they don’t stink!”

Nick Green, an expert outdoorsman who’s in the top 5% of our experts for skiing, hiking, climbing and camping is a big fan of these boxers. “Why do we call them boxers? Maybe because, even if you sweat like a boxer, these still don’t smell.”


Now that you know the best products for pet owners, underwear wearers, people who spend a lot of time on their feet, fitness fanatics and jacket donners — we’re pretty sure that covers just about everyone — you can get your loved ones the gifts they’ll love, and probably won’t return.  Be the best gift giver this year; you deserve it.

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