Build brand advocacy with the Community Manager

Build brand advocacy with the Community Manager

Find out how to build a community of brand advocates and activate them with all different kinds of custom campaigns on ExpertVoice

August 10, 2022

With Community Manager, brands can find and hand-select their most passionate, trusted experts and communicate with them in real time. This feature has allowed brands to poll, gather insights and build authentic relationships with their best brand advocates.

Communities can help you manage any kind of unique group of members you’d like to form, from VIP groups to pro programs, grassroots programs, influencers, product recommenders, rep groups or anything in between. Now, we’re taking Communities to the next level with the addition of the Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager for Communities

With the recent launch of Campaign Manager, it’s easier for brands to engage with their community members on a more personal level than ever before. The Campaign Manager integrates seamlessly with the existing Community Manager, providing a new level of agency to build and launch activity and gamified challenge campaigns to bolster participation and specialized education & seeding campaigns that empower members to advocate on your brand’s behalf both on and off the platform.

So, what kinds of campaigns can you create?

The term ‘campaign’ can feel broad. In case you’re new here, historically, campaigns were solely built with the help of our award-winning Studios team. Now, we are offering you the ownership and flexibility to build your own brand campaigns suited to your specific needs. 

Let’s break down the different campaigns you can create, launch, and monitor for Communities.


Education & Seeding Campaigns: Educate experts about your latest products and reward those who pass your lessons.


Activity Campaigns: Exclusive to the Community Manager, you can ask members to participate in any number of unique activities. Challenge them to complete a mission, track their completion, reward engagement and leverage the assets you’ve collected along the way. Deploy an activity campaign any time you’d like to gather proof of participation and completion both on or off the platform.



Challenge Campaigns: Our experts have a healthy appetite for competition. Give your community a fun way to interact with each other and gain product knowledge along the way with these gamified experiences. Allow your members to test their knowledge, and compete asynchronously to deepen their engagement with your brand. 

Test your members on:

  • Your brand history and ethos
  • Product details
  • Their industry knowledge

Easily engage your community

With the Advocacy Platform at your disposal, in under just 30 minutes, you can easily start your first community of brand advocates and grow engagement over time. Whether your community is designed to provide exclusive access and discounts or a robust ambassador experience, the Community Manager makes it easy to engage your members.

Incentivize your community by rewarding their participation with your campaigns. Leverage 1:1 communication with top-performing community members to build relationships and make your most important advocates feel like the brand insiders they are. The member experience has also been upgraded, allowing members to see their progress in completing an activity and the status of other community members.

Measure analytics and performance

Analytics and reporting are right at your fingertips with the Advocacy Platform. As campaigns launch, run and conclude—you can view reports for sales, education over time, campaign activity and engagement. The notes functionality allows you to capture your thoughts on individual members to refer back to for future campaigns.

Combine the power of Communities and Campaigns to get the most out of your advocacy program.

If you'd like to hear more, please contact your Account Executive. New to ExpertVoice? Learn how to get started today.

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