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Accelerating product advocacy and recommendations with influential experts should be your top priority. When you increase and improve their recommendations, experts are not only more likely to recommend your brand to consumers, they also drive more sales for your business.

In 2018, over 200 brands integrated more than 800 different media and campaign placements into their yearly program. These placements drove more than 358,000 educational content engagements and experts experienced close to 100,000 new products.

So, as a brand, how do you constantly build advocacy with experts? How do you drive brand awareness, engagement, and product seeding opportunities? How do you accelerate product launches or new content releases?

ExpertVoice media and campaigns are designed to maximize expert advocacy by offering experts new opportunities to engage with your brand. As experts continually and repeatedly engage with your brand, their product recommendations are made stronger. Through promotional campaigns, brands leverage our audience of more than 1 million active experts to engage their target audience with personalized, relevant experiences that drive brand advocacy.

In fact, brands who build an integrated marketing strategy into their overall ExpertVoice program typically see 50-70% more experts engaged, 2-3x more content engagements and a 2-6x increase in orders and product sales. And this doesn’t account for the second order effect: due to their increased knowledge and experience with your product, these experts are sharing more and better product recommendations.


Build an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Our most successful clients align their go-to-market initiatives with both their expert advocacy strategy as well as a promotional media strategy. While all media and campaigns drive expert engagement, each placement has a primary purpose in a brand’s overall strategy


Newsletter Placements

Newsletter placements are focused on driving expert awareness and traffic. To avoid engagement dip in between larger campaigns and content updates, brands should participate in at least two newsletter placements, per audience, each quarter.

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Brand-Dedicated Emails

These brand-specific placements are fully customized to your individual goals – whether it’s driving more content engagement or product experience. Brand-dedicated emails are ideal for featuring a limited-time promotion, an upcoming content/store launch, or even increasing digital product recommendations.

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Flash Events

These seven-day multi-brand campaigns drive substantial product seeding and sales. They should be aligned seasonally, and brands should participate in at least one Holiday Flash Event (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday) per year.

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Seasonal Category Campaigns

These 30-day multi-brand campaigns maximize expert acquisition and engagement. There are between 8-10 marketing components to amplify brand performance across the 30 days. Seasonal Category Campaigns  are ideal at the start of a selling season and for brands who want to drive recommendations with core category experts.

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Accelerate Product Advocacy

Integrating media and campaigns into your ExpertVoice program is a simple and powerful way to drive awareness for your brand, increase engagement and accelerate advocacy with your top experts.

In 2019, we are excited to offer over 1,600 unique media placement types and 57 multi-brand campaigns to maximize your brand’s performance.

To learn more about ExpertVoice media and campaign opportunities and how we can help you reach your advocacy goals, please download our media kit.

If you have questions or would like to plan your integrated marketing strategy now, please reach out to

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