ExpertVoice Employee Spotlight – Aaron Colborn

ExpertVoice Employee Spotlight - Aaron Colborn

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Each month we highlight one of the hardworking people who make up the ExpertVoice team. This month meet Aaron Colborn, Senior Video Editor from our in-house video team.

EXPERTVOICE: Give us a quick dive into your background and what led you to ExpertVoice.

AARON: I’ve wanted to make movies since I saw T2 Judgement Day when I was 14-years-old.. It’s really all I’ve ever wanted to do. So naturally I joined the US Air Force after graduating high school. After spending 5ish years in Europe and the Middle East, I moved to Utah and pursued a degree in film, to everyone’s dismay. Halfway through school I started shooting wedding videos, a typical first step into the video production world. From there I transitioned to local news, working as the Senior Editor at ABC4 and KUTV2, where I won an Emmy for editing a story aboutNorth Dakota oil field workers. Then I was lucky enough to be hired at ExpertVoice, the job I’ve been at for the past three and a half years. In that time I have also helped produce, write, edit and direct three short films.

EXPERTVOICE: What’s your title at ExpertVoice and what're you charged with doing? 

AARON: My title is Senior Video Editor and I’m responsible for all of the work (minus motion graphics) that’s done on a video after production is complete. I edit the video, color it, clean up the audio and distribute the final product. I also do much of the lighting and videography on set as well.

EXPERTVOICE: What do you like most about your job?

AARON: I like that I get to do what I would consider fun, for a living. Whether I’m going out to film someone mountain biking for Diamondback or a supplement production line for YouTheory, the fact that I get to create moving images to tell a story every single day is like a dream.

EXPERTVOICE: What's the biggest challenge in your role? 

AARON: Everyone has an opinion when it comes to video content, clients and coworkers alike. Taking criticism is tough on the ego, but learning how to accept and filter criticism is absolutely key to success in any creative role. Get over the ego and listen to what people have to say (whether or not you end up using it) and you will find the quality of your work and the depth of your knowledge skyrocket.

EXPERTVOICE: What's the one big goal — both professional and personal — that you're going to crush this year? 

AARON: I’m going to direct more and bigger projects both for ExpertVoice and outside of work. I will be directing a short video profiling the ExpertVoice Studios team and I also wrote a complicated short film that I plan on directing this winter.

On a related note, recently, my short film from a personal project was recently accepted into the New Filmmakers Los Angeles Film Fest! It’s a pretty rad festival and I’m super excited about it.

EXPERTVOICE: What's one product you couldn't live without and why? 

AARON: I love my Epson 5040UB Home Cinema Projector more that I probably should. It’s priced like a 1080p projector (because it is) but the 4K enhancement is virtually indistinguishable from true 4K at a proper viewing distance. The image is very bright and the blacks are very black, both of which can be difficult to find in a decently priced projector.

EXPERTVOICE: What's the last thing you bought on ExpertVoice and how do you plan on using it?

AARON: I just bought a Big Agnes sleeping bag that I will be using for a camping trip to the High Uintas this fall. I’m new to camping so I’m excited to finally have a top-notch sleeping bag.

EXPERTVOICE: If there was an emergency and you could only save one (non-living) thing from your home, what would you choose? 

AARON: I have a collection of movie tickets that go back to at least 1999 and include movies from Revenge of the Sith to Kill Bill to There Will Be Blood. 

Interested in seeing what Aaron and the video team have created? Check out behind-the-scenes videos they made with some of our favorite brands. And if you’d like to engage your brand advocates with great content, don’t hesitate to reach out and we could get you working with Aaron and his team in no time.


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