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ExpertVoice members — from retail associates to outdoor guides — log hours of first-hand, real-world experience with the products they’re recommending. They’re voices you can trust when it comes to all things camping gear, and we want to share their top picks with you.

Check out the products and brands our experts most frequently recommend, including Big Agnes tents, Goal Zero lanterns, Hydro Flask water bottles, Pelican coolers and many more campsite essentials.

Let’s start with the basics.

Sleep and Shelter

Copper Spur HV UL 2 Person TENT

Up to 60% off MSRP

51 Recommendations

Why experts love it: This ultralight tent is a great choice for both backpacking and car camping, and it gets bonus points thanks to its vertical walls for extra head room.

Rob Schilke

Verified Product Owner
Top 10% Expert - Hike

Perfect backpacking tent

I took this tent on a 38 mile backpacking trip in the Olympic National Forest and was delighted with how light the tent was considering the total volume the tent provided. Two adult males with one at 6'2" fit well inside the two-person tent without any issues. Set up of the tent was fast and the color coordinated tabs and poles was helpful for initial set up.


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Insulated Static V Lite Sleeping Pad

Up to 55% off MSRP

84 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Comfortable, lightweight and easy to inflate — the perfect trifecta, and a reason this sleeping pad scores so high with experts.


Up to 35% Off MSRP

2 Recommendations

Why experts love it: An anatomic construction and lightweight goose down insulation give this Valandre bag a unique, “off-the-body” feel that provides both warmth and flexibility in the backcountry. 

Double Parachute Nylon Hammock

40% off MSRP

20 Recommendations

Why experts love it: This two-person hammock gets high praise for its roomy design and easy-to-pack, easy-to-set-up design.

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There’s nothing like a hot meal or an ice-cold drink when you’re out exploring.

Camp Cooking


45% Off MSRP

32 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Mountain House is revered for its delicious, just-add-water backpacking meals.

Maren Korpela

Verified Product Owner
Industry Insider


This is a slam-dunk winner for trail food. The biscuits kept their shape and crunch, while the gravy was thick and peppery. Excellent combination of flavors and textures and a good, hearty meal that sticks with throughout the day. If you are a B&G fan, this should be in your pack on every trip!


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Everest 2 Burner

35% Off MSRP

50 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Designed for car camping, this stove is a fan-favorite for its reliable temperature control and durability.

Destination Kitchen Set 24

40% off MSRP

19 Recommendations

Why experts love it: This 24-piece kit comes with everything you need to make a great camping meal, including cutlery, folding tools, a cutting board and more.

32 Oz. Wide Mouth

40% off MSRP + Free Shipping

201 Recommendations

Why experts love it: It lives up to its promise of keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. And it’s durable, too. Just ask the expert who ran over his with an SUV.

IM50QT Coolers

Up to 50% Off + Free Shipping

93 Recommendations

Why experts love it: It’s designed to keep things cool for up to eight days, a feature many experts have put to the test, alongside its durable, latched-lid design.

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Sawyer Squeeze Filter Multiple Capacity

Up to 50% Off MSRP

27 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Experts give the Sawyer Squeeze high marks for its filtering quality and packability, especially for backpacking and emergency use.

Colin Hofman

Verified Product Owner

Great for backpacking

I used this filter most recently for a backpacking trip in central OR. It worked just as expected and kept a group of 5 of us hydrated. I would recommend buying a set of the larger size bags for it as the 32oz bags are more difficult to fill, unless you have a steady flow from your water source. The filter itself works pretty quickly – I filled a 48oz nalgene in just a few minutes. I mostly bought it for how small and lightweight it is – even with the two larger (64oz?) bags I got, it rolls up and fits in any small pocket on your pack.


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Don’t forget the campsite essentials.

Fireside Lounging

Lighthouse 400

Up to 45% Off MSRP

31 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Not only does the Lighthouse 400 have an ultra-bright light (a feature our experts love), it’s also able to charge a phone and features a built-in hand crank for manual charging in a pinch.

Jack Lyle

BSA Volunteer

Lighthouse 400

I have two of the Lighthouse 400 lanterns and they far exceed my expectations. I’m seeing 2.5 hours of light on the high setting when fully charged. Theses lanterns are well designed with folding legs, a carrying handle, built in USB recharging cable and even feature a flashing red light for emergencies. This lantern would be good for power outages at home or work, camping, hunting and anywhere else bright white light is needed.You can buy this lantern with confidence that it will provide light comparable to that of liquid-fueled lanterns.


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Sub 1

VIP Pricing

1 Recommendations

Why experts love it: This chair packs small and light thanks to a quick-folding aluminum frame — making it a car-camping staple even when you’re pressed for space.

Leek - 1660

Up To 60% Off MSRP

41 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Whether whittling sticks by the fire or performing around-camp tasks, this EDC knife is loved for its sharp blade, secure clip and small, easy-to-carry size.

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