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ExpertVoice: What we do

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ExpertVoice solves a problem everyone faces: how do I decide which product to buy?

Whether you’re looking for new running shoes, the best coat for a wet winter or a scope for your next hunt, you need insight on which product is right for you. More often than not, you’re choosing between dozens, if not hundreds, of options. You want a reliable recommendation, so you rake through websites, read reviews and reach out to people you trust. 

ExpertVoice helps consumers like you get personalized buying advice. We work with brands, retailers and industry experts to improve and increase the circulation of credible, authentic recommendations — so consumers can feel more confident in their purchasing decisions.

Our platform hosts more than one million experts who are trusted for advice on what to buy. They’re employees at specialized stores and members of respected organizations like the U.S. Military, National Ski Patrol and American Alpine Club. Every expert on our platform — spanning more than 30 industries — is vetted to ensure they have the passion, knowledge and experience to qualify for our exclusive community.

Because here’s the thing: A brand’s success depends on what these influential people say about their company and products — in retail stores, online reviews and on social media. That’s why hundreds of forward-thinking companies partner with us — to identify and empower their most influential experts, giving them the education and experiences they need to authentically promote their products. By providing sneak peeks into upcoming launches, deep dives on the latest innovations and the chance to test new products before they hit store shelves, brands empower these experts to give better buying advice. And for the record, our experts are not paid. They learn about the brand, try the products at a discounted price and decide whether or not they think it’s worth their endorsement. We’re all about authenticity. No #sponsored recommendations here.


We help consumers procure the product recommendations they need to make the right purchase, the first time.

We help brands improve their advocacy and increase sales, lowering returns and creating loyal customers.

We help experts elevate their expertise by connecting them with behind-the-scenes access and discounts from their favorite brands.


We’re improving the shopping experience one trusted recommendation at a time. Join us?


Written By

Heather Johnson , Lead Copywriter

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