Which pro deal platform is right for you?

Which pro deal platform is right for you?

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Whether you’re a sales associate at a bike shop, a hunting guide or a ski instructor, you’re an expert in your industry — and you should be rewarded like it. You’ve heard about pro deals, where people like you get gear at a lower cost. The purpose of these programs is to provide people who are influential in their industry [you] a chance to purchase products at a discount. And after you’ve taken it home and put it to the test, you’ll then recommend that brand and/or product to friends and customers, sparking full-price sales. It’s a win-win-win, really. Experts get gear at a significant discount. Brands get experts advocating on their behalf. And consumers get real, authentic recommendations.

But back to you. You’re ready to join a pro deal program and get hooked up with sweet deals. But which one is right for you? After a quick Google search you realize there are a few different options. And while all are awesome, there’s one that stands out above the rest.

Outdoor Prolink
Awesome discounts on top brands
Available to retail sales associates
Available to industry professionals and influencers
Available to military, law enforcement and government agencies
Access to expert product recommendations
Behind-the-scenes access and product training
Engaged social community of experts
Direct engagement with industry representatives

Here's what the experts have to say about each platform:

  • Outdoor ProLink makes it so quick and easy to search (and discover) by brand names.” -Chris Schlieter
  • “I like Sparc’s point system for each brand. I don’t have to relearn or retake lessons. And the more lessons you’ve completed, the higher the discount.” -Danny Sipes
  • Guidefitter is a one-stop-shop for not only discounts on awesome hunting brands but also for guide and outfitter hunts!” -Shawn McCardell
  • “I’m on ExpertVoice 100x more than the other sites combined. The game changer, for me, is the engagement piece.” -Perry Cooke
  • ExpertVoice is by far the easiest to navigate, learn about products, and get new brand exposure compared to the others.” -Ben Parker
  • “A lot of brand programs actually don’t offer a discount as good as ExpertVoice.” -William Ian Craig


Reward your expertise with exclusive access and pro deals through ExpertVoice. Get started today, it’s free to join!

Written By

Heather Johnson , Lead Copywriter

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