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How your brand can participate in Expert Appreciation Month

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This four-week online event celebrates and rewards industry insiders on ExpertVoice.

Key takeaways:

  • September 2023 is Expert Appreciation Month, and ExpertVoice brands are encouraged to engage experts on the platform throughout the month.
  • Weekly Flash Deals and a Flash Event will kick off from 9/5 – 9/11, and brands can offer additional incentives during this time to reward experts.
  • Brands can engage with experts’ user-generated content (UGC) and reviews in the Advocacy Platform, send free products or host community events to boost engagement.

Experts are authentic and passionate people we turn to for advice on what to buy. Every day, the ExpertVoice network of 850K+ vetted and credentialed members face different challenges in their respective fields – from fighting wildfires and representing the U.S. military to capturing award-winning footage in “Free Solo” and treating our beloved pets. Every year, we thank all our active platform members during Expert Appreciation Month. 

What is Expert Appreciation Month?

Expert Appreciation Month is celebrated annually and dedicated to the ExpertVoice community of users from September 1- 30th, 2023. This online event happens yearly and celebrates the members who take time out of their day to learn about brands, boost their product knowledge, and share their expertise with others.

Here are some helpful tips for brands wanting to get involved and make this month more special for the ExpertVoice community of members.

#1. Engage with their photos 

Experts regularly share pictures of their passions and experiences on ExpertVoice, and often tag brands and products in their posts. Did an expert tag your brand in a photo on ExpertVoice? In the Content Manager of the Advocacy Platform, brands can view a gallery of all the images they’ve been tagged in over time and engage with their photos. Tap the heart button to give their image a like, leave a quick comment, or select the Trophy button to automatically share a personalized thank you message to the expert for sharing their photos! See more information here for how to get started.

TIP: You can give a digital trophy to as many experts as you’d like, and their awarded photos will appear in a featured gallery on your brand page, right above all other user-generated content.

#2. Engage with their product reviews

If your brand collects product reviews on ExpertVoice, now’s the time to engage with the experts who took the time to share their feedback on your products. In the Review Manager of the Advocacy Platform, scroll down to the Comments filter and select “My brand has not commented” to see all the reviews you can engage with. Give the product review a thumbs up, and leave a comment, whether it is positive or negative feedback. Learn more about how to monitor your reviews here.

TIP: Remember, all comments will appear with your brand logo – and that goes a long way to build trust: Almost half of consumers (48%) say brands responding to reviews improves their odds of buying the product. And a third of shoppers expect businesses to publicly respond to their reviews, regardless of whether their review is positive or negative. *

#3. Create and share a Snapshot

In the Content Manager of the Advocacy Platform, you can quickly create on-brand posts (called Snapshots) to spotlight experts on your brand’s social media. Simply find a photo you love, customize how your Snapshot looks, and download the file to share online. You have permission to use experts’ UGC in your marketing channels, but we recommend awarding their photo and giving the expert credit for it when possible. Learn more about ExpertVoice Snapshots and how to customize them for social media here.

TIP: If you don’t run your brand’s social media accounts, invite your Social Media Manager or Team to help this month. You can all use the Advocacy Platform simultaneously for different purposes. 

#4. Offer a limited-time incentive

Thank your experts with access to extra deals during Expert Appreciation Month. A seven-day Flash Event starts at the start of the month and gives active, qualified experts access to limited-time discounts from participating brands. If you’re participating in the Expert Appreciation Week Flash Event sale, ensure experts have access to the best possible price and offer free shipping. If you’re running a Flash Deal, feature a deep discount on the hand-selected products and monitor your inventory levels throughout the week.

TIP: Even if you’re not participating in the official Flash Event, you can still run a promotion or limited-time incentive to reward experts this month. Please contact your Customer Success partner for more information.

#5. Send select experts free products

Are you running a community on ExpertVoice? If so, consider running a members-only sampling campaign during Expert Appreciation Month to reward your members for joining and participating in your private group. In exchange for a free product, community members will share authentic, incentivized product reviews and UGG in the marketing channels that matter most to you.

TIP: Sampling for a new product launch is a great way to boost member engagement, product trial, and brand loyalty. If you have a new product line coming out, let your community members be the first to know during Expert Appreciation Month.

#6. Host an off-platform community event

Members of the ExpertVoice Network seek elevated, deeper relationships with brands beyond their industry insider access to deals and information. If you’re running a community on ExpertVoice, invite community members to join you at your company headquarters, a specific retail location, or another off-site event during Expert Appreciation Month. Hosting an off-platform event aims to strengthen your relationship with a target audience, build trust and collect in-person feedback. 

TIP: To boost attendance, post a digital invite in your community, mail members a printed flyer with more details, and share reminders. For anyone who can’t attend, let them know there may be other opportunities to get together in the future, record the session, or consider hosting it virtually!

#7. Support expert organizations

Today, members of the ExpertVoice platform represent a diverse group of 80K+ total retailers and professional organizations. Extend your gratitude by sponsoring an expert organization that aligns with your company’s values. Is there a specific partner organization your brand would like to support or sponsor? If so, let us know, and we can put you in touch with them.

Celebrate your brand’s biggest supporters 

Expert Appreciation Month is an excellent opportunity for brands big and small to thank experts for taking the time to learn about products and recommend them to others. Make the most of this celebratory month with these seven simple tips to boost your expert engagement. If you need additional support and would like to implement any or all of these ideas during Expert Appreciation Month, please contact us for professional services, or invite someone else within your company to support your advocacy marketing efforts.

*Source: Bazaarvoice, Why ratings and reviews are important for your business, Simon Byrne, September 19, 2022

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