May Site Trends and New Brands

May Site Trends and New Brands

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11 new brands launched their advocacy program on ExpertVoice last month, feeding the passion of experts in health and nutrition, fishing, camping, hunting, and the great outdoors.

Welcome to the ExpertVoice family:


ZHOU -logo

probulin - logo

Nature's Way - Logo





peak refuel - logoRiversmith - Logo

brave home logo









Rylo - logo

riton logo

Grizzly Coolers - LogoDeeper Fishfinder - Logo




Wolf and Grizzly - Logo






Brands also began engaging more with expert generated content via the Advocacy Platform, and experts are responding. Last month we saw yet another rise in the amount of recommendations and photos uploaded to the platform as brands began to recognize and validate expert insights and feedback. Here’s a little recap of what else happened on the ExpertVoice platform throughout May. If you are interested in learning more or would like to see other stats, just reach out:


Experts took 537,506 EduGames last month.

25,999 new experts joined ExpertVoice in May.

Experts made 33,401 orders, purchasing 58,639 products last month on ExpertVoice hosted stores.

Experts purchased $5,287,912 worth of products last month via ExpertVoice hosted stores.

Experts made 3,138 digital recommendations* on ExpertVoice in April.

Experts uploaded 3,140 pieces of UGC** last month to ExpertVoice.


*What’s a recommendation? Check out any hosted store on the platform, experts can write a recommendation about the gear they own as well as leave a likelihood to recommend score.

**What’s UGC? This is User Generated Content that the experts have loaded to the ExpertVoice platform, often tagging brands that they are using in the photo.

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Becky Lyttle , Director of Customer Marketing

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