New ExpertVoice Features

The latest round of e-commerce releases means experts now have more and improved ways to engage with your brand. Read on to learn more about how you can continue to enhance your store experience and get the most out of your expert reviews.


#1. More Reviews for Syndication.

All those great expert recommendations, both public and private, can now be published on your e-commerce site. Syndicated reviews from experts with public profiles will show their profile image, name, and expertise while reviews from private profiles will omit their profile image and display only their first name and last initial. See more details here.

#2. Enhanced Payment Options with PayPal and Paypal PayLater.

We made it easier than ever to get your products into the hands of experts by integrating PayPal and PayPal PayLater with our checkout options.


#3. New Features for Brands with a Hosted Store.

Whether it is to find supplements specific for hydration or socks just for a long run, it’s easier than ever for experts to connect with your brand’s products. To set up collections within your store, reach out to your Customer Success partner or email


#4. Inventory Levels at a Glance in the Analytics App.

Brands with hosted stores can manage their products with a new high-level visual displaying both inventory and demand. If one of your brand’s products is out of stock, you can immediately see how many experts are anxiously awaiting its return. Read more about how to access the Inventory Levels report here.

#5. Additional Search Filters.

Whether it is in an ExpertVoice-wide product search or searching within a brand’s store, experts can now filter for male, female and unisex products. These filters will be applied to all brand stores over the next few months. Reach out to your Customer Success partner or email for more information.


#6. Search Within Store Feature Added.

With our new store-specific search feature, experts can search your brand store to find exactly what they’re looking for.