New Filter in the Conversion over Time Report

New Filter Added to the Conversion Over Time Report

What it is: You can now filter the Conversion over Time report to see how many total experts leave ExpertVoice to visit your redirect store and browse your products.

Who this impacts: Brands with a redirect store; this also includes redirect brands that have a Product Catalog hosted on ExpertVoice.

Why it matters: The bar graph report now provides you a more effective, high-level visual of the expert funnel. You can see how many unique experts visit your ExpertVoice campaign, engage with your content (if applicable), visit your store page that outlines the reward rules and guidelines, and then click over to your redirect store. The data can help you understand your expert conversion rate.

Where you can find it: In Analytics, click “Add Reports to Dashboard”, scroll to the Conversions over Time report, and drag it to your dashboard. In the "Switch Display Metrics" section, click the dropdown button and select "Experts Redirecting."

For more information, please contact your Customer Success partner.


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