The New Rules of Advocacy

Advocacy Marketing



It has been said that, “Old ways won’t open new doors.” With that in mind, if you keep trying to build brand advocacy in the same ways you always have you’ll be stuck with the same results you’ve always found. 

If you want to open new doors to find engaged customers, increased brand loyalty, and quantifiable results, we not only have the key to the door, but we have someone standing there, waiting to open it for you. 

But first . . . let’s not drop everything about the old way, we’ll take what we can and improve it. For example, word-of-mouth is perhaps the oldest marketing method in existence. You know it works because people trust opinions from friends, family, and their network. But, there are still some problems to solve. 

How can a brand . . . 

  1. Reach out, find, nurture, and increase loyal advocates in a meaningful way at every step of the buying experience? 
  2. Develop a measurable and scalable method to drive incremental impact from the people who love and recommend their brand? 
  3. Increase visibility in their interactions with their most trusted partners who share their experiences with end users?

Until 15 years ago, there wasn’t a great solution. Enter ExpertVoice. We’ve been solving these problems (and so much for more!) since 2004. 

Remember those people we said were at the door ready to open it for you? They’re real. They are called experts and they’re waiting to connect with your brand, and most importantly, connect your brand with consumers  in an authentic and genuine way. 

Experts take word-of-mouth marketing to a new level—brand advocacy. They have a greater ability to impact what consumers buy through their trusted, reliable, and often at the point of sale recommendations. We work hard to foster these mutually beneficial relationships between experts in the field and the brands they love with the ultimate goal to positively impact and improve the lives of their consumers. 

With ExpertVoice, your brand can . . . 

  1. Easily find an online community of reliable individual experts by industry, profession, and expertise to reach a wide range of end users. 
  2. Build a scalable program that impacts social, retail, and ecommerce channels. 
  3. Impact consumer full price purchases with the help and expertise of these new advocates.

What can our one million registered experts do for your brand? 

Take Mammut for example. Their brand makes high performance climbing and outdoor equipment for the toughest adventures. Mammut partnered with ExpertVoice to identify brand sentiment and increase the likelihood that qualified professionals who influence their target consumers—like REI employees and members of the American Alpine Club—recommend their products. 

Here’s a high-level look at the beginning of their ExpertVoice journey. 

  1. Identify. Find qualified professionals who influence Mammut consumer purchases. 
  2. Research. Prior to an expert engaging with Mammut on ExpertVoice, conduct in-depth research regarding brand perception and intent to recommend Mammut gear to consumers. 
  3. Engage. Provide in-depth educational content around the brand’s history, innovations and products to identified professional experts. 
  4. Experience. Empower experts to experience products firsthand—and increase the likelihood to recommend Mammut to consumers—through compelling incentives.
  5. Measure ROI. After experts engage with Mammut’s content, repeat the brand perception research to explore changes in recommendation behavior.

And their results? 

  • 31,911 experts engaged 
  • 24,259 products experienced by experts 
  • 28% in likelihood to recommend (Experts who engaged with Mammut content were 28% more likely to recommend the brand than experts who did not engage.) 

Old ways may not open new doors, but expert voices can do just that for your brand. They have the passion, experience, and knowledge that your potential consumers are looking for, and that’s why advocacy marketing matters and we know how to make it work for you. 

Don’t leave product recommendations to chance.

See how ExpertVoice can help you sell more.

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