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Are you looking for new video marketing ideas? You may want to consider recording unboxing videos. They are relatively easy to make and can help you grow your online audience. Just follow these six steps to make interesting and engaging unboxing videos:

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Unboxing Videos

  1. Choose an Unboxing Niche
  2. Practice Speaking Slowly and Clearly
  3. Use the Right Unboxing Set-Up
  4. Make Sure the Products You Unbox Are Timely
  5. Don’t Delay the Unboxing in Your Video
  6. Show the Product in Use

One of the great things about unboxing videos is that anyone can make them. You don’t need special talents but do need to choose products that have wide appeal. Once you create unboxing videos, you can share them on your personal website or social media networks.

What is an Unboxing Video?

An unboxing video is a recording of yourself opening items for the first time. Unboxing videos are wildly popular on YouTube. Unboxing videos originally focused on fashion or high-tech products. Today, the competition to unbox top tech gadgets—such as the latest iPhones or gaming consoles—is fierce. Other types of unboxing videos have begun surging in popularity, such as toys, outdoor gear, luxury goods, food, beauty products and more.

Why are unboxing videos such a phenomenon? Watching an unboxing video lets viewers vicariously experience a product. This opportunity can benefit people who are weighing multiple products before making a purchase. Unboxing videos recreate the feeling of getting something new and enjoying it for the first time. For kids, watching toy unboxing videos can recreate the feel of Christmas morning.

Unboxing content can be a great tool for increasing your influence on social media. You can create fresh content to share often and build a following. Be sure to apply proven practices—such as knowing the best times to post on Instagram—to gain a bigger audience. Your unboxing videos can be your ticket to enter the exciting world of video content creation and influencer marketing.

6 Tips for Creating an Unboxing Video

The good news about unboxing videos is that most have a homemade feel. They aren’t sleek, professional productions, but rather real people providing honest commentary as they unveil something new. 

You can get started making an unboxing video with your mobile phone to gain some experience. Over time, you may want to invest in some specialized equipment, but don’t let that hold you back. If you start today, you can grow your unboxing expertise and take part in a growing trend.

1. Choose an Unboxing Niche

You can make unboxing video content for any type of product. But it’s best to have a focus from the start and stick to it. For example, if you build up a following by unboxing toys, you won’t want to switch suddenly to unboxing power tools. That type of unexpected change can lose your viewership and hamper your channel’s success.

So, what types of unboxing content will you pursue? It depends on your passions and area of expertise. If you’re an automotive enthusiast, tools, gear and gadgets for cars would be perfect. Love gaming? While the tech unboxing field is crowded, you can find your place, especially if you have a winning personality. And fashionistas can unbox seasonal favorites from popular clothing and accessory brands.

Taking time to reflect on your interests is essential. If you are enthusiastic about the products on your unboxing channel, you’ll attract a bigger following. And that can cause your popularity and your earnings from videos to climb.

2. Practice Speaking Slowly and Clearly

While the unboxing products take center stage, narration can make or break a video. Before you upload your first video, you’ll want to work on your speaking voice. You’ll likely find a need to speak more slowly than you do in everyday conversation. Enunciate clearly so that your viewers can understand your words. You may want to include captions or subtitles to make your videos more accessible and easier to follow.

If you’re not a great natural speaker, don’t despair. You can still find a place in the world of unboxing content. Instead of speaking, you can work as a filmmaker or producer. You can also script videos to be read aloud by others. On some channels, people who work behind-the-scenes can gain popularity and earn a lot of money from their contributions to unboxing videos.

3. Use the Right Unboxing Set-Up

Although a studio set-up is ideal for an unboxing shoot, it’s not necessary. All you truly need is one quality camera to capture video content. A tripod is also useful since it can stabilize your camera and ensure better shots. You’ll likely also need access to video editing software but can often find these tools for free or very low cost. In time, as you gain experience, you can invest in more equipment if needed.

Many unboxing videos feature the narrator behind a table that holds the product. Typical tables are waist-high to the narrator so that you can get the person and the product in a single shot. 

Position yourself in front of an uncluttered background. If possible, have your background match your content theme. For example, if you’re unboxing kitchen products, shoot in a kitchen—but make sure any background counters are free of distracting clutter.

You will need to practice shooting unboxing content from several angles. In every unboxing video, you’ll want to include wider shots of you introducing and reacting to the product, along with close-ups of the product itself. Also, you may want to include overhead views of you unboxing the item. In time, you may find it helpful to have a two-camera set-up, but one camera is fine for starting out.

4. Make Sure the Products You Unbox Are Timely

Keep in mind that the unboxing space is fiercely competitive. Depending on your niche, you may be competing with well-established unboxing channels. You can’t expect to focus on last year’s items and win viewership. That said, you can find a market for unboxing retro items, such as first-generation Nintendo gaming systems or vintage Star Wars action figures. Those types of classic items will always have appeal.

Your best bet is to immerse yourself in products’ new release dates and unbox them as soon as possible. While timeliness is critical, your personality and thoughtful reviews can earn subscribers who enjoy multiple perspectives. 

5. Don’t Delay the Unboxing in Your Video

It’s tempting to want to take your time opening products in unboxing videos. You may think it’s wise to build suspense and increase your video length. But remember that you are competing for viewers’ attention with dozens of other videos. Keep your introductions brief and get to the unboxing quickly.

If you want to add more substance to your videos, you can pursue some other ideas. Consider comparing the product you’re unboxing to similar items. Maybe read some online customer reviews from sites like Amazon. Remember that many viewers will be coming to you to find out how well the product performs. If you can cater to that need, you may be able to keep them coming back.

6. Show the Product in Use

You can take your videos a step further by unboxing and using your new products. If you’re unboxing a new kitchen gadget, for example, put it through its paces by cooking a favorite dish. This style of video does more than just showcase the product. It helps position you as an expert in your area of focus.

At times, it can be hard to get a sense of product usability right away. You can create follow up videos to review the product after regular use. If you get a new laptop, create a second video to share your opinions after using it for a month. For bigger-ticket items like tech hardware, many people won’t rush out to buy it on the first day it is available. They’ll want to know how it functions with day-to-day use. You can provide this insight—and help expand your reputation as a trusted unboxing and product expert.

How to Make Money with Unboxing Videos

One of the best ways to make money with unboxing videos is to monetize your channel on YouTube. There are three ways to earn money on the popular video site. 

First, you can enable ads on your posts. This approach will be how you’ll likely start with your unboxing videos. Next, you can make money through product promotions. Once you’ve gained a following, a brand could request that you unbox their products. Finally, you can charge people to view your content. You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers to access this option.

Paid Advertising

If you’ve ever watched YouTube videos, you’ve likely seen advertising—before and sometimes during a video. You’ll also see banner ads on the site. Channel owners can get paid a specific amount for every 1,000 views of an ad. Also, you can get paid each time someone clicks on an ad and goes to a sponsor’s website.

To enable ads, you’ll need to set up a YouTube account, enable the monetization features, and then connect your account to a Google AdSense account. 

Once you set up your AdSense account, you can start making passive income from YouTube. You’ll need to upload new content regularly and work to increase the number of subscribers. Over time, you can grow your channel and start to earn thousands of dollars each month. Of course, you’ll need millions of views to reach that level. But with hard work and persistence, you can start earning income each month from YouTube ads.

Brand Product Placement

Many brands give away free samples or products to online influencers in exchange for an endorsement. Why? Influencers are often “real people” who can talk about how products fit into everyday life. These endorsements earn the trust of the influencer’s audience and can bring more sales to the brand.

If you develop a popular unboxing channel in a specific niche, brands may ask you to unbox their products. For example, if you run a popular beauty channel, a curling iron or makeup vendor may want their products featured in your videos. If you’re a gaming guru, headset or keyboard manufacturers or game developers could approach you. 

For these promotional videos, you could make money through commission as a brand ambassador. With this model, the brand pays you for sales that come through your channel. Alternatively, a brand may offer you a flat rate for your participation. Keep in mind you need to be transparent about any endorsements to meet Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Charge for Premium Content

After you’ve surpassed 1,000 followers, you can join the ad-free YouTube Premium platform (formerly YouTube Red). On YouTube Premium, you can charge viewers to access your content. For example, you could charge for views of unboxing videos for particularly popular or exclusive products. Or you could charge for live-stream access so that viewers can choose to be the first ones to see your unboxing content. 

Who Are the Highest Unboxing Earners?

Some people have achieved astounding levels of success with unboxing videos. If you have ambitions to become an unboxing star, you can follow in the footsteps of these innovators:

Austin Evans

Austin Evans’ channel is a mecca for tech and gadget aficionados. If you’re looking for insights on the latest mobile device, gaming computers, video games, and other technology, Austin’s channel is the place to be. He also covers retro technology. To date, he’s gained nearly four million subscribers and attracts hundreds of thousands of views for each video.

Having launched his channel under a different name in 2009, Austin spent over a decade learning how to perfect his craft. He says it took him five years to learn how to make great videos. Even while learning, Austin focused on engaging with his audience and building community.

Dope or Nope

Started by Matthias Fredrick, Dope or Nope is full of fun, comedic unboxing videos. As Matthias unboxes items, he reviews the products’ quality. He declares good items as “dope’ and not-so-good items as “nope.” Also, he uses creative video and playlist titles to attract views. 

Matthias comes from a filmmaking family. While building his YouTube channel, Matthias relied on experience gained through work on films and commercials. He uses his creativity to make appealing videos that have earned him over 7 million subscribers.


iJustine is the YouTube home of model and actress, Justine Ezarik. More than just a source of unboxing videos, iJustine is a lifestyle channel that includes vlogs, cooking videos, and more. At present, iJustine’s unboxing videos focus primarily on tech gadgets.

The broad mix of content on Justine’s channel has attracted over six million subscribers. Unboxing videos are the most popular content on iJustine, with several new videos uploaded weekly.

Marques Brownlee

Heralded as the best technology reviewer in the world by a Google executive, Marques Brownlee started reviewing tech products in 2009. He’s also known on YouTube as MKBHD—a combination of his initials (MKB) and HD for “high definition.”

Marques takes requests for unboxing videos and technology reviews from audience members, which help build his community. Also, he has earned a reputation for timely videos, often unboxing and reviewing new products on their release dates. These factors have contributed to him gaining over 10 million subscribers and one billion video views.

Ryan Toys Review

On the popular Ryan Toys Review channel, kids and parents can tune in to watch Ryan unbox and play with new toys. Ryan also gives his genuine and unfiltered opinions on new toys. Often, Ryan’s parents and younger sisters join him in the fun.

Ryan’s candid nature is one reason for the channel’s massive following. With more than 21 million subscribers and billions of views, Ryan’s channel is one of the top destinations on YouTube.

Unbox Therapy

Created in 2010, Unbox Therapy has grown to over 14 million subscribers. Hosted by Canadian YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger, Unbox Therapy focuses on reviews of tech products. The channel aims to showcase the most intriguing tech products on the planet.

While unboxing videos are the heart of the channel, other content types boost its appeal. Some videos feature interesting lists or highlight great deals. Another factor that makes the channel popular is the wide array of products covered. Lewis unboxes everything from expensive, high-end products to everyday gadgets that are useful and affordable.


UrAvgConsumer is the YouTube home of Judner Aura. Judner bills himself as an average guy who likes to share opinions about tech products with other consumers. With two million subscribers, UrAvgConsumer is an up-and-coming channel in the world of unboxing videos.

At UrAvgConsumer, you’ll find unboxing videos, along with follow-ups about Judner’s experience using various gadgets in real life. He also posts interesting lists and groups content in easy-to-navigate playlists. His straightforward nature and well-organized channel keep viewers engaged. 

Become an Expert with Expert Voice

If you want to extend the reach of your unboxing channel, you should join ExpertVoice. At ExpertVoice, you can position your knowledge in your areas of interest. Many types of expertise are welcome at expertise—from sports to leisure activities to cooking and fashion. 

With more than one million experts in its network, ExpertVoice has become the go-to source for brands that want to unlock the power of influencer marketing. Brands connect with experts and offer experts pro deals just for using and endorsing their product. It is a great way to earn rewards by pursuing your passions.

Each expert gets a personal profile to showcase their experiences and knowledge. And experts can embed videos published on other sites—such as YouTube—to enhance their profiles. Imagine how attractive your ExpertVoice profile could be to brands when you already have a built-in following and a venue to highlight their products through your unboxing channel. By joining ExpertVoice and partnering with top brands, members can create interesting and engaging unboxing videos of new products before they are even released to the public.

You Can Become an Unboxing Influencer

Unboxing videos are an excellent way to make an impression and gain a larger following on social media channels. These popular videos can cover every type of consumer product imaginable—from home goods and food to toys and tech gadgets. With unboxing video content, you share your honest reactions to and opinions about new products. Many people appreciate unboxing videos because they help them make good purchase decisions. But others experience the vicarious thrill of getting something new without having to spend any money.

To make your mark in the world of unboxing, you need to start with a clear focus. Spend time reflecting on what you love and what you do best. It’s better to have a narrow niche than try to cover too many bases with your unboxing channel. Also, spend time working on your speaking voice. You’ll want to exude personality but be clear and articulate to attract followers.

To start out in unboxing, you’ll need a simple one-camera setup. You can even use a quality cell phone camera at first. Carefully consider the location where you’ll shoot your videos. A clean background and good lighting, along with a table or countertop to display the products, are important for unboxing success.

Be sure to follow tips from seasoned pros when creating your unboxing content. Always select relevant products. Don’t cover an older model or past-season product if a newer one is available. Get to the point quickly instead of keeping viewers in suspense. And show the product in use whenever possible. You may want to make follow-up videos to give viewers a feel for how products work in real life.

You can start making money by enabling advertising on your YouTube channel. After gaining popularity, brands may contact you for product reviews or endorsements, and you may even be able to unbox new products before they are released to the public. These promotions are an exceptional form of influencer marketing for brands—and a great way for you to make money. After you’re a success, you can start charging for unboxing content on YouTube—especially if you unbox high-ticket items or live stream.

With some ingenuity and hard work, you can become the next unboxing star on YouTube. If unboxing is your passion, don’t give up. Many of today’s most successful unboxing channels took years to gain traction. Stay focused, perfect your approach and keep building your following. In time, your unboxing channel could draw in millions of followers and earn you a substantial income.

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