August – September 2020 Recap: Site Trends and New Brands

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And with that, another quarter has come and gone. As we shift into the fall selling season, read on for a recap of the inspiring activity on ExpertVoice the past two months.

August – September 2020 Highlights


In August, we launched the Pet Category Campaign targeting ~33,000 Pet Retail Sales Associates. With pet stores considered ‘essential businesses’ in the midst of COVID-19, it was important to educate RSAs about the latest pet products so they could continue to focus on safely serving their customers shopping curbside and/or in-store.

One of the most engaged experts throughout the month was Pet Valu retail employee, Gabriela Mulet-Ramirez, based in Connecticut. She wrote, “My manager mentioned the ExpertVoice app — she knew I struggled with remembering the benefits and facts about certain pet food brands and believed ExpertVoice could help. And she was right! ExpertVoice helped me get familiar with the brands we sell and improved both my work ethic and customer service skills.”

In addition to Gabriel’s success story, here are more impactful expert site stats from the past two months:

  • 43,010 joined and affiliated on ExpertVoice
  • 12,022 took brands’ custom surveys and NPS surveys
  • 10,891 published product recommendations on ExpertVoice
  • 3,920 published photos (EGC) to their ExpertVoice profiles


The Automation setting was released to the Curate app of the Advocacy Platform to help brands quickly identify expert reviews for use on their e-commerce site. In addition, we released Privacy Settings in the Configure App which allows brands to customize and select which retailers and professional organizations they’d like to share their expert engagement data with. Here are a few other stats from the past two months:

  • 41 brands joined ExpertVoice, including Cotopaxi, FOURPOINTS Bar, and Kästle-Skis.
  • 100 brands signed up to leverage advocacy in their e-commerce channels through the curation and syndication of Expert Reviews, including Nordic Naturals, WANDRD, Kari Traa, and Scarpa.


The Partnerships team made significant strides within the Pet Industry, largely due to outbound efforts and collaboration with The Grassroots Collective. As a result of these combined efforts, we onboarded select credentialed experts to the platform from groups such as Fenzi Dog Sport Association, Human Animal Bond Association and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Looking Ahead

As we enter Q4, stay tuned for information about new product improvements and releases coming soon, including:

  • Beta Product Launch Campaigns: New tools to collect expert-generated content (photos and expert reviews) for specific products. Beta participants will start to recruit experts via a custom application, seed product and collect EGC to support their product launches or gain other product insights.
  • Brand Communities: A new way for brands and experts to connect on a deeper level. Beta participants will test tools to build exclusive communities of experts that they can treat differently or engage in traditional ambassador programs.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to see other stats, please reach out.

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