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Bryson Tibbitts

Affiliation: BSA – National Eagle Scout Association
Occupation: Founder of Transcendous, A Neurowellness Company
Location: Arizona, USA
Joined ExpertVoice: 2017

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Bryson Tibbitts’ background in neuroscience gives him a unique perspective and approach to rock climbing. We caught up with Bryson to learn what sparked his passion for climbing, what he’s working on now and his tips for those looking to get into or advance in the sport.

What first drew you to climbing? 

Bryson and friends completing the Pine Creek Technical Route in Zion National Park, UT.

“I originally started climbing because of the incredible community. I’m not sure if it’s that rock climbing attracts the best people or that rock climbing creates the best people, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s both. Despite it being just you versus the rock, it still feels like a team sport. Everyone wants everyone to succeed. Then throw in the mind-body-spirit connection of ‘mountain yoga’ and it’s easy to see how people, myself included, get hooked so fast.”


What makes you an expert in climbing? 

“I’m far from the best climber around, but I’m definitely happy with my climbing achievements. I feel my strength comes from my knowledge of skills and techniques, as well as my mental approach to climbing. Gear, rigging, anchors, knots just click with me and I picked up the technical side very quickly. Then combined with my biophysics, neuroscience and physiology background, I’m able to see and understand climbing in ways that expand my experience and the experience of those I climb with.”

What’s a recent achievement you’re proud of? 

Bryson bolting the Roamin’ Gladiator route in Arizona.

“On my parents’ property in northern Arizona, we found a canyon full of incredible rock. I bolted the first route with a hand drill and an old hammer that I had restored. Although it was a super easy 5.7 climb, sending that route — called ‘Roamin’ Gladiator’ — was an incredible experience. Seeing the beauty, taming the wild rock, making it accessible for others and then experiencing the rock itself. Since then, we’ve bolted a dozen or so routes and it’s always such a blast to bring climbing friends and show them what we’ve created.”

What products helped you with your first ascent of the Roamin’ Gladiator route?

“The Black Diamond Vapor Helmet, Petzl GRIGRI, Coalatree Trailhead Pant, Beal Hydrobag and Black Diamond and Wild Country nuts and stoppers.”

Bryson’s picks: The Black Diamond Vapor Helmet, Petzl GRIGRI, Coalatree Trailhead Pant, Beal Hydrobag and Black Diamond Stopper Set Pro #1-13.

What tips do you have for someone who is looking to get into climbing?

Bryson’s friends during a bouldering session near Big Bend in Moab, UT

“Find a mentor! YouTube videos are great, but they just don’t cut it. Don’t feel like you have to buy a ton of gear all at once. You’ll find friends along the way who will let you use their gear until you know what you’re doing and what you want. Then once you’re in that position, be ready and willing to help other new climbers. Always be open to new climbing friends. Being that friend that makes someone feel welcome in the climbing community will change their life. And if climbing’s had an impact on you, you owe it to the sport to make sure others have a chance to feel that, too.”

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