October ExpertVoice Platform Updates

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The ExpertVoice platform continually changes and evolves with new features and enhancements. Check out our monthly blog post for a quick update.

Gratis store credit card authorizations eliminated

What does this mean for you? If you are a brand offering free products to experts they will no longer be required to enter their credit card upon checkout (and our experts are rejoicing).

New enhancements to recommendations

UGC on ExpertVoice Platform








Recommendations (which are available for any brand that hosts a store on the ExpertVoice platform) had two new exciting enhancements:

  1. Experts can now add a photo to their recommendation showing how they use the product
  2. Experts are now also prompted to note their level of familiarity when they submit a recommendation which adds another level of credibility and authenticity to this feature





Marketer Platform BETA

ExpertVoice BETA Program

31 brands are participating in a BETA of our Marketer Platform. This tool provides deeper and more customizable access to analytics as well as the ability to interact with experts via their recommendations and UGC. Interested in a sneak peak?

Click to watch video tutorials for each of these main features: Analytics, Recommendations, UGC.

BETA wraps up mid-November and we plan to release broadly in January 2019. Can’t wait that long? We will accept a limited number of additional brands now, please contact becky.lyttle@expertvoice.com by October 31.


Brand page updates coming soon

Brand Page on ExpertVoice



Keep an eye on your brand pages! The team will be rolling out updates to your brand pages in the weeks ahead. More details to come next month, but don’t panic if you notice the layout of the page change slightly.




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