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The world doesn’t look the same since our most recent site trends post, but our commitment to advocacy marketing has never been stronger. In March, the ExpertVoice team transformed into a virtual workforce and quickly shifted priorities to provide new tools and features for brands, expert communities and partner organizations in the age of COVID-19. We listened, learned and accomplished a lot. Read on for a recap of activity on ExpertVoice.

First Half 2020 Highlights


With recent events and stay-at-home orders surrounding the novel coronavirus, experts had many questions about their access to brands and online orders, and we were ready to help. We quickly launched a FAQ landing page to inform experts about any product shortages, potential shipment delays or other news from their favorite brands. During the second quarter, experts logged in to ExpertVoice and the mobile app at an increasing year-over-year rate. While some experts’ jobs in the retail and professional industries were uncertain, they continued to engage with brands’ educational content, purchase products and use their expert voice to share product recommendations. Here are a few impactful stats since the beginning of the year:

  • 128,964 joined and affiliated on ExpertVoice, 9,438 were Medical Professionals & Healthcare Workers, a 1,105% YoY lift
  • 179,144 took brands’ custom surveys and NPS surveys
  • 21,414 published product recommendations on ExpertVoice
  • 7,125 published photos (EGC) to their ExpertVoice profiles


Brand partners expressed the need to quickly communicate information to experts. Because of this, we released the Brand Page Management and Brand Video Library tools within the Advocacy Platform. In addition, brand partners needed tools to maximize opportunities in their online sales channels. That’s why we accelerated the release of the E-commerce Advocacy Solution to our existing client base, allowing brands to place expert reviews on their e-commerce platform. This new solution provides expert recommendations where it matters most, at checkout. Here’s just a few other stats from the first half of the year:


Our Partnerships team remained flexible and patient to meet partners where they were. For some, this meant putting expert acquisition efforts on hold. For others, it meant working together to recognize and embrace the community. Despite all the uncertainty, one theme was clear – finding common value while supporting each other equals true partnership. Since January, we added and reignited relationships with 100+ organizations, including:

Looking Ahead

As we enter the second half of the year, stay tuned for information about new product improvements and releases coming soon, including:

  • Bazaarvoice Integration: To further expand the reach of expert reviews, brands can soon syndicate them through Bazaarvoice.
  • Beta Product Launch Campaigns: New tools to collect expert-generated content (photos and expert reviews) for specific products. Beta participants will be able to recruit experts via a custom application, seed product and collect EGC to support their product launches or gain other product insights.
  • Brand Communities: A new way for brands and experts to connect on a deeper level. Beta participants will test tools to build exclusive communities of experts that they can treat differently or engage in traditional ambassador programs.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to see other stats, please reach out.

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