Brand Advocacy

Some people live your brand every day.

So, who better to advocate for it?

We all have those people in our lives, the ones whose passion and expertise in a particular category makes us seek out their advice when we’re looking to buy something. As a brand marketing professional, wouldn’t it be great to leverage these category experts so that more consumers could benefit from their opinions and recommendations? Wouldn’t it be greater still to empower these category experts to recommend your brand?

Turn “Pro Programs” into Brand Advocacy

Tap into the world’s largest network of category experts, including fitness and ski instructors, gym owners, military members, outdoor guides, veterinarians, hunting guides and other industry professionals.

  • Mobilize our in-house team to build custom e-commerce experiences that seed your latest product at special discounts
  • Get the right products in the right hands for firsthand experience

  • Analyze metrics and insights to see who is interacting with your brand, and the success of your product seeding campaign
  • Build in-field and online recommendations to increase sales

“We know that when an expert purchases a Diamondback bike, they're going to talk to other folks about it and spur full price sales.”



It’s time for a better brand experience for your consumers